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Bioengineering is a field of engineering and the study of medicine and biology as has application in all medicinal engineering fields while associating chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and material science. Bioengineering helps to assist defective body parts or specific functions like hearing aids, substitute organs, artificial limbs, etc. Not only for humankind but bioengineering also support the fermentation process to achieve biosynthesis. Bioengineering is also known as biological engineering as it uses the fundamental principles of biology and engineer tools to create economically viable technologies for the betterment of human lives. Bioengineering also requires knowledge from applied science which includes biocatalysts, biomechanics, bioinformatics, bio-filtration process, and polymer science, etc. It also provides the researcher with the knowledge in designing medical devices, biocompatible materials, diagnostic equipment, renewable bioenergy, agricultural engineering, and ecological engineering to improve the technology and be efficient in producing cutting-edge tools to save lives and to have an equipped lifestyle. Bioengineering will be significantly utilised in designing concepts based on biotechnology, life sciences and engineering, which includes genetic modification of organisms, tissue engineering, bioprocess engineering, biomedical engineering, etc. In coordinating with physicians and researchers, bioengineering professional can use traditional principles and apply the techniques to answer real-world biological problems.

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