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Publishing your manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals such as PLOS, Wiley, Elsevier, etc., may be a daunting task; however, with the help of Pubrica editing services, you not only improve the quality of work but also have a higher chance of publishing of your manuscript.

Scientific editing services at pubrica is a specific one. We go beyond language editing and delve deep into serious flaws such as inapt experimental design, lack of necessary replication, or inadequate statistical treatment. We help you submit a well-written and scientifically sound document.

Professional editing services

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American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Association of Science Editors (EASE), Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS), Council of Science Editors (CSE), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and Committee on Publication Ethics. They also undergo regular training to stay abreast of the latest research trends, terminology, and technology.


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Manuscript technical screening
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High-end publication support.
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Professional Editing Services

Professional editing services

Multi-level editing: coherence, clarity, and comprehension Our experts will cast their eyes on the language and technical aspect of your manuscript; rid your writing of errors; increase coherence, clarity, and comprehension

  • Different levels of editing
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Unrivalled scientific rigor

The key difference maker boils down to one thing: our SME’s take on your manuscript; our experts will scrutinize your work using our multi-tire editing approach. Here is what we check:

  • Is the concept truly a novelty?
  • Is the Literature Review (LR) up to the mark?
  • Is there ambiguity?
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Customized writing services

Experts from Pubrica offer you scientific editing services to suit all types of scientific requirements. Our editing and translation will assist you to edit any type of scientific manuals, research, books, papers, and more. We offer niche experts across various scientific disciplines. Our writers hail from various scientific backgrounds and we can connect you with the apt writer for your specific requirement. Talk to us for professional editing support.

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