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    Scientific Medical Communication

    Science can be communicated in several ways and Pepgra medical communication team offers the best integrated and customized solutions in medico-markeand convert into ting solutions to healthcare/pharmaceutical companies/food and beverage companies.

    1. Communicate complex biomedical information and convert into communication that are scientifically relevant and captivating.
    2. Benefit from a pool of scientific communicators across various disciplines.
    3. we present scientific and medical book, medical billing & coding, MCQs for physicians, Continuous medical Education (CMEs) materials, citation booster, video abstracts, product & package label writing, poster presentation, & E-learning.
    4. we serve pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, hospital, medical advertising, publishers, managed care organization, academic medical centers, Information Technology Healthcare products /websites association.
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    Pubrica indexing services

    Scientific and medical Indexing is an important but tedious phase before publication. Readers rely on a well-prepared index to find information quickly, and often consider the quality of the index when deciding whether to purchase a book. In scientific texts, it is especially critical to have an accurate, well organized, and properly cross-referenced index. An index is more than a list of words that appear in your book: it is a vital component that contributes to your book’s usefulness. Pubrica Writers indexing services save you time and effort, and ensure that your book index is thorough and meticulously prepared. Our indexing editors know the terminology and techniques in your field and understand the relationships between complex concepts that are specific to your topic. We can quickly and accurately discern the index terminology that captures the explicit and abstract ideas in your book. We can also work according to your publisher’s indexing style guide to make sure your index meets all requirements and guidelines. Pepgra experts can save you time and effort and improve the quality of your work. Email or call us today to discuss your book indexing needs.

    Pubrica citations accelerator

    Accelerate manuscript citations and promote your research. Pubrica’s extensive content writing package developed with the purpose of helping you achieve the recognition your work deserves. Citations Accelerator combines three services: tweetable abstracts, scientific news reports, and simplified abstracts. Pubrica experts turn your published research into a variety of high quality and accessible formats suitable for digital channels, including social media, web portals, and online news platforms, keeping your original research in view at all times.

    Pubrica medical animation

    We use 3D medical animation to enable easy explanation of surgical procedures and inner workings of a medical device. We are well versed with the medical language to collaborate with you and help visually story tell better. Three dimensional (3D) animations have found a stable place in the arena of medical sciences due to many strong reasons. We put forth highly advanced medical animations that serve you well in different ways. If you are looking for a cost effective and high quality, 3D medical animation offerings then Pubrica animators can help you. We delve deep into your requirements and customize the animations based on what you accurately need. We take care that your objectives and specifications are served well.

    Pubrica 3D medical animations services help you in these ways:

    Health care firms

    Health care companies struggle to stand out in the highly competitive market. Our medical animations services thus aim at highlighting the need of your products, explaining the advantages they bear, and persuading people to buy them for their own good. By including our 3D medical animations in your company branding campaign, you will catapult your stature in the market. You also get to educate in style and provide responsible medical services to people.

    Health care product sales

    When you want to market and sell products related to healthcare, our medical animations services certainly add a lot of value to your ads and sales demos. You can impress your customers and show how well your product works. With the help of our 3D medical animations, you can make even a lay person understand complicated biological processes.

    Drug effects

    If you own a pharmaceutical company, you will very often find it difficult to make people understand how your medicines work. Our 3D medical animations make this extremely easy for you.

    Staff instruction

    With enormous amount of criticalities associated with medical processes, it is imperative that you educate your staff thoroughly to handle emergency and serious situations. When you make use of our medical animations, you can guide your staff effortlessly, and make them understand the procedures involved in an effective fashion.

    Medical E-learning

    With the internet bringing in the huge advantage of delivering education modules to where the students are through e-learning, you can use our medical animations services to impart medical knowledge painlessly. You can educate your students about the most complicated procedures, microscopic processes, and intricate organ functioning by just streaming our 3D medical animations right from your desk in, say India, and reach out to your students sitting in the USA.

    Patient education

    Patients often find it hard to understand how to use medical products and how best they can take care of themselves without medical supervision. This is when our highly illustrative medical animations come to their rescue. You can easily depict the steps to them. The visual description helps them understand and follow the process better.

    Surgery planning

    Surgeries are intricate procedures. Our 3D medical animations are your best friends in this respect, as you will be able to visualize the internal systems with great clarity. You will also be able to plan the surgeries with much higher precision, and thus render the best services of yours to your patients.

    Pubrica video abstracts

    Transform your manuscript into an audio-visual format to captivate audiences. A video abstract is a short animated video that summarizes the core message of your research output in an audio-visual format. With 6,000+ manuscripts published every single day, it can be a challenge to make your paper stand out from the rest. To cut through the noise, you need to do something different. Videos are proven to be one of the most engaging means for sharing content. They are therefore the perfect way to have your research noticed and to connect with a wider audience. Using Pubrica’s Video Abstracts service, you can turn your published manuscript into a high-quality engaging video that summarizes and presents core findings of your research or a newly developed product and/or service. Our team of creative scientific experts will work closely with you to deliver a 2–3 minute audio-visual file that you can upload, share, or even present at conferences to increase your chances of citations and funding.

    • starts from $
    • 3-4 Week

    Medical marketing materials

    Marketing materials must be accurate and well written to be effective, but writing clear and compelling pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or biomedical content can be challenging due to the highly technical nature of these marketing materials. The editors and writers at Pubrica writers specialize in preparing scientific and medical documents and related technical materials. Our writers and editors are trained scientists who bring their understanding of technical content and intent to your marketing material. We provide editing or writing assistance for brochures, product labels, white pages, web pages, or other marketing material. When working directly with clients who have prepared marketing materials in-house, Pubrica writers will ensure that your materials are high quality and accurately represent your products. We also work with marketing firms to ensure that their client’s work is polished and free of any errors that might make otherwise excellent content appear sloppy and unprofessional.

    Translation Services

    Pubrica writers provides high-quality translation of marketing materials from English into any other language and vice versa. Our experts will translate text in most formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, and others. Our rapid, high-quality assistance is provided at a reasonable cost with personalized attention to your needs. To get started, email or call us today to discuss your editing, writing, or translation needs for marketing materials. One of our many satisfied clients has shared the following comment about their experience using our services for brochures and product package marketing materials. CME Slide Presentation, Content for Medical Websites, White Papers, Newsletter, and Patient Education Materials

    Product and Package labels

    Ensure your product and package labels are accurate, clear, and free of grammatical or typographical errors. Technical information on product and package labels requires careful, expert review to ensure a high quality final product for your customers. Finding and correcting errors in your product and package labels after they have gone to print is extremely costly. The editors at Pubrica writers understand the technical content in these labels and can provide expert editing and review of your product and package labels. Pubrica Writers specializes in high-quality editing and proofreading of product and package labels to ensure that your content is accurate, clear, and free of grammatical or typographical errors. We can review text in most formats, including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel.

    Translation Services

    Ensure your product and package labels are translated to other languages for international marketing and promotion. We can solve this problem by providing rapid, high-quality translation to and from nearly any language at a reasonable cost with personalized attention to your needs. To get started, email or call us today to discuss your specific needs for editing and translating product and package labels. One of our many satisfied clients shared the following comment about their experience using our label translation service.

    E-learning modules

    In the present day, fast paced and rapidly advancing medical domain where changes occur with an alarming pace, the medical (healthcare, medical device manufacturing, and CROs) sector is direly in need of personnel who have advanced skill-sets while also exploring the scope of providing appropriate training for existing medical personnel. Such a scenario necessitates the need for e-learning solutions as compared to traditional learning approaches which might not be relevant in the present context where there is a need for medical professionals to stay abreast of all technological developments. It is necessary that healthcare organizations, medical device manufacturing firms and clinical research organizations respond to the changing dynamics to ensure higher level of care and support systems to patients and other stakeholders.

    Content is at the heart of multimedia, knowledge management and eLearning. Medical Writers at Pubrica helps you to develop storyboarding and scriptwriting for all your medical and clinical e-learning materials. Whether you are working as part of a team or solo worker, a storyboard is important as it offers a map of your design and includes important and critical information. At Pubrica, we offer you flexible, scalable content design and production services. Our experts specify the visual elements, textual elements, audio, interactions, and branching of every screen. Our e-learning experts keep in mind the paradigm shift to knowledge-based environments from work environments and help in creating efficient e-learning course designs, pharmaceutical learning management systems, m-learning, 3D animation based learning modules, compliance courses, active learning modules, learning simulations, video/podcast learning, game based e-learning, and more.

    • starts from $
    • 3-4 Week

    Poster Preparation

    Transform your research findings into a visually appealing poster. Make an impact at your next academic event with an eye-catching, ready-to-print poster that showcases your work. Are you planning to promote your research at an upcoming conference or exhibition? Pubrica’s poster preparation service can help you do so more successfully. Taking the information and graphics provided by you, our highly-skilled content specialists will condense the text, ensure language accuracy, and then transform your findings into an eye-catching poster that summarizes your work while meeting any event-specific requirements. A well-designed poster will attract attention, make a great conversation starter with peers and colleagues, and help you communicate your research quickly.

    Thought Leadership & Editorial Design

    Our medical writing associates are active participants in conferences and forums. Our subject matter expert can come up with the latest thought-provoking topics on clinical, medical and regulatory areas. We not only support the development of secondary desk-based literature review reports but also white papers developed based on primary sources such as interviews and surveys with a specific population. Our experienced team helps at every phase of report development right from the initial storyboard development to editorial design and promotion. We will collaborate with you to create storyboard with the right tone and approach for the specific audience of your target.


    Guidance in all phases of clinical research process

    Clinical hypothesis

    During clinical hypothesis consultation we collect, process, report findings on patient details to build a premise. Build a case from history and a perform battery of tests and observation. Hypothesis structures data about the patient to adopt the appropriate treatment. Talk to us today. WhatsApp number is +91-9884350006.



    Scientific Writing & Publishing is your partner in sample size calculation. Our experts will help you plan the sample size--logically and practically. Ascertain the appropriate (optimal) number of trial participants. Work with our biostatisticians and CRAs for your projects. WhatsApp number is +91-9884350006.


    Adaptive Trial Design (ATD)

    Scientific Writing & Publishing is your partner in adaptive trial design. Flexibility is the key here. Foster introduction of pre-specified changes in the clinical design stages of a trial based on data. Work with us today to get an ATD for your clinical trial.


    Trial protocol

    Scientific Writing & Publishing is your partner in writing Clinical Trial Protocol (CTP). Our writers will help you in designing the protocol for your trial. We adhere to templates and ICH GCP standards. Work with us today to get your CTP ready. WhatsApp number is +91-9884350006.


    Resource planning

    Scientific Writing & Publishing will reign in the cost of clinical trial resource planning. Manage the snowballing costs of resources and get your drug on the market. Work with us today for your clinical trial staffing requirements.


    Investigational Device Exemption (IDE)

    Scientific Writing & Publishing experts will give you reports on safety and efficacy of data. Get your IDE approved via our experts and start your study; all in line with GCP. Partner with us today. WhatsApp number is +91-9884350006.



    SMEs in niche areas pen your papers

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    Hasten you projects through our experts.

    Prolific writers across plethora of areas who know your subject and

    Frequently asked questions

    We are with you the whole nine yards. In this section, we answer the tough questions. For any information, contact us via +91-9884350006meanwhile, here are some of those queries

    1 What are the different types of scientific editing services for researchers and academicians?

    We offer complete scientific, technical, and medical editing; moreover, proofreading for all kinds of documents. We deliver manuscripts on time and are delivered on time with highest standards of clarity, precision, and content. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.

    2What skills do medical writers and editors bring to the table?

    Sound knowledge in high-quality manuscript editing services & proofreading services and writing different types of scientific documents such as regulatory and clinical writing, research-related and drug or disease related documents, publication support services, and scientific publication support. They do the following:

    • Scrutinize documents-requirement gathering through publishing
    • Know-how in regulations such as EU, US standards and protocols.
    • Analyze and visualize study outcomes.
    • Build clear and consistent protocol and regulatory documents in compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Liaise with clinical team
    • Manage disciplinary document review process—editing and proofing
    • Create templates that replicate the complete study; furthermore, we meet or exceed all international standards. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.
    3What kind of documents do medical writers edit?

    Our certified medical writers assist in Scientific, Medical, Technical and Medical (STM) documents. Books and chapters, brochures, reports, résumé dissertations and theses, grant proposals, manuscripts, editorials, grant revisions, galley proofs, grant reviews, manuscript reviews, presentations, posters, letters, philosophy statements, promotion packages, technical writings, review articles—these are examples of the work we do.

    4Do you outsource your medical writers for projects?

    Yes, at Scientific Writing & Publishing Support, our motto is to work hands-on with clients. We guarantee 100% project satisfaction. So we go exceed their expectations. Full-fledged writing services across all domains; moreover, we also provide animation, regulatory writing, medical writing, research, and biostatistical programming services as well. Call us now to get a quote.

    5Do you offer niche therapeutic support services for clinical trials?

    Yes, indeed. We offer multiple yet niche therapeutic services. Our medical and regulatory writers will support you. We provide complete program development and delivery services for any phase of the trial; moreover, we can salvage a failing or faltering trial. Let our pros work with you. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.

    6What are the types of journal support and illustration enhancement services you offer?

    Journal selection, journal submission, response to reviewer, peer review & pre-submission, poster creation & design and formatting Services, 2D & 3d medical animation, medical and technical drawing drawings—these are some of our journal and illustration services.

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