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Response to Reviewer Comments

Unrealistic target journals, poor paper construction, poor research design, lack of novelty, irrelevant clinical research, unrealistic time-frames, improper English, plagiarism--these are some of the many aspects of writing that you must steer clear if you want your manuscript to be selected.

At Pubrica, experienced editors show you the way forward and guide you in this cumbersome process; experts advise you from conceptualizing novel ideas to responding to your reviewers. We are with you till you publish your journal successfully.

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Our Reviewier Comments Process

Upload manuscript received from an editorial decision along with reviewer comments (major)

Our peer reviewer team gather requirements

We address the comments through Track changes

Address the comments through point by point response letter

Send the manuscript to the author get accepted.

How our experts address the reviewer comments ?

  • Carefully gathering thoughts: Browse the comments and carefully gather your thoughts before addressing them. Then take a fresh look at the comments and determine what modifications the reviewers'/editors' want to see in your manuscript.
  • Track changes: Use track changes or different colour to clarify revised text in the manuscript
  • Rebuttal letter: (1) Attach a separate sheet listing response to referee comments (2) Include referee comments in response (3) Respond to individual comments (4) State upfront what action was taken (done /not done) and then explain the reason
  • Address each reviewer's comments separately but on one response note as reviewer A and B's response to any comment. *the reviewer comment does not include formatting, and resubmission Help


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Frequently asked questions

We are with you the whole nine yards. In this section, we answer the tough questions. For any information, contact us via +91-9884350006 meanwhile, here are some of those queries

1What services do you offer under Journal Support and Publication Services?

We provide a wide variety of services such as Journal Selection, Assistance with publication planning and Journal Submission, Peer Review, Resubmissions and Responses to Reviewers comments, Formatting Services, Artwork preparation.

2What you deliver while ordering the Response to reviewers Services?

Delivery depends on the order type. The trained academic experts at Pubrica will help you to give good and valid responses to reviewer comments.

3What are the different programs available under Response to reviewers Services?

We have Develop a well-written scientific & academic research article, Use appropriate citations (e.g., Oxford, APA, and MLA) as necessary. For more about detailed research area plan selection, please visit

4What Information do I need to provide while placing an order for Response to reviewers Services?

To choose the Response to reviewers Services, we need clear & precise Domain area. E.g., Medical, Bio-medical, clinical research,Area of interest, Target Country. E.g. the UK, Target State, if any or generalized UK population, Clear Research Proposal - Rough outline, Suggest 2-3 significant references, Feasibility of data collection, University guidelines and also we need following information such as your Qualification, specialization, University, Country, Your experience, possible areas of your interest, Your supervisor capability and university interest, new methodology that is based on related to your Research and area of interest.

5What are the qualifications for the writers you employ?

Pubrica hires only experienced and certified professionals from European and UK base. All of our medical writers hold Master and PhD degree and have at least five years of writing experience. Each medical writer have their specialization; it helps us to allocate the most appropriate writer according to your discipline. You will get only subject expertise, that’s our assurance, i.e., every order of thesis provide only a relevant research background.

6What are the procedures once I order for Response to reviewers Services?

After confirming your order, work will be assigned to Project Associates (PA), who will check the order according to the requirement. The order will, later on, assign to specific subject experts after signing a non-disclosure agreement. She/he will start working on the project as per the agreed deliverables. The order will be delivered after thorough quality check and assurance by the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and will be given for plagiarism check. After that, you will get the QAD and plagiarism report.

7If I am not satisfied with the work that you delivered, will you refund?

Our work is completely based on your order and requirement. We promise on following guarantees: (1) On-time delivery (2) Plagiarism free and Unique Content (with the acceptability of less than 5-10% plagiarism) (3) Exact match with your requirements (4) Engaging Subject or domain experts for your project. If there is any deviation in the mentioned guarantees, we take 100% responsibility to compensate. However, the quality of work delivered may also get hampered when there is no precise requirement. In that case, you need to take up a fresh order.

8What service guarantee’s that you provide within the order?

We promise on following guarantees: (1) On-time delivery (2) Plagiarism free and Unique Content (with the acceptability of less than 5-10% plagiarism) (3) Exact match with your order requirements (4) Engaging Subject or domain experts for your project. If there is any deviation in the above guarantees, we take 100% responsibility to compensate.

9Do you outsource your medical writers for projects?

Yes, at Scientific Writing & Publishing Support, our motto is to work hands-on with clients. We guarantee 100% project satisfaction. So we go exceed their expectations. Full-fledged writing services across all domains; moreover, we also provide animation, regulatory writing, medical writing, research, and biostatistical programming services as well. Call us now to get a quote.

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