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    Pubrica offers outstanding manuscript editing services. Editing is often confused with proofreading which is the correction of grammar, spelling, and other superficial errors, and which forms the final part of the editing process. Scientific writing editing is about revising and organizing the content of the paper to be more concise and precise. The process eliminates wordiness and contains jargon to a minimum, enabling a better communication.

    A research paper editing, particularly PhD thesis editing will be better off when done by experts of the field who have a command over the language. Pubrica does just that for scientific paper editing, we employ experts in the field, who are either native English speakers or have studied in mainland Europe or the US. Any academic paper editing process must go through multiple revisions while maintaining the crux of the content within.

    The editing service offered by us includes scientific manuscript proofreading services and thus, the organizational quality is complemented by ridding the paper of any errors in grammar, spelling, or vocabulary. The superior quality of your product is ensured by our quality assurance team, who check it multiple times before approving it for submission. We also make sure you are engaged throughout the whole procedure and ask for your opinion before making any major changes.

    Our Services

    Academic English editors in your field will review the language in your manuscript, abstract, thesis, grant, galley proofs, review articles, book chapters, response to reviewers, slide and posters, technical drawing, letters, or academic book to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and accurately. Our editors have worked in multiple fields of research specialization and therefore we assure you our support in every phase; your work is critical and we want to make your project a success.Select the type of editing, proofreading, or translation service that suits your requirements and get a specific quote for your requirements.

    See all our work samples here.

    Scientific Editing

    Get a scientifically sound manuscript with in-depth editing and a critique of the science.

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    Manuscript Editing

    Our editors have worked in multiple manuscript editing projects. Let our experts edit your work.

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    Book Editing

    Our editors have worked in multiple book editing projects. Let our experts edit your work.

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    Thesis Editing

    Our editors have worked in multiple thesis editing projects. Let our experts edit your work.

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    Our editors have worked in multiple proof reading and post-editing projects.

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    Post Editing

    Our editors have worked in multiple post-editing projects Let our experts edit your work.

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    Translation with Editing

    Our editors have worked in multiple translation & editing projects Let our experts edit your work.

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    See our sample works in statistics. Various research analysis and interpretations.

    Dissertation Thesis

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    We Always Look for Ways to Improve your Overall Experience, and so we Offer you

    Three-Editor" System and Native English-speaking Editors

    Under our "Three-Editor" System, manuscripts are reviewed by two highly skilled editors to ensure language consistency and accuracy. After a thorough edit by a PhD-qualified subject-area specialist, a second editor polishes and refines your paper to remove any existing ambiguities. Our editors are all native English speakers (US, UK, Australia, and Canada) and familiar with the issues which occur in ESL writing.

    Specialized Subject-area Matching

    Every manuscript submitted to us is matched to editors with highly specialized subject-area expertise. For example, a paper in Neurology will be edited by an editor who is an MD in Neurology, not by a specialist in Medical Sciences .This technical competency enables us to optimize the content as well as the language and pay due attention to even the most subtle intricacies.

    The Pubrica Promise

    “The Pubrica Promise” guarantees that a manuscript edited by us will never be rejected on the basis of poor language. On a rare occasion if rejection occurs, we will take full responsibility of re-editing the paper for resubmission at no additional cost. Our stringent systems and processes, professional editors, and in-house quality management system help us in delivering this promise to our authors.


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