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    Pubrica Provides End-To-End Medical Research Writing Service And Editing Service For Students Pursuing Medicine, Health Sciences, Physicians, Publishers, Doctors, Professors, Clinical Researchers And Medical Communication Providers And Also Support You In Writing Any Medical Stream Subjects

    Expertise in Medical Content and Publishing

    Mentorship and insight in study design, scientific content, and best practices

    Superior Medical Editing is the only manuscript composition service that offers you direct access to physician scientists with the highest level of editorial, academic, and clinical accomplishment.

    All of our physician consultants are:

    • Subspecialists in their fields
    • Clinicians and researchers at prestigious medical institutions
    • Editors with long experience at top U.S. imaging journals
    • Editors who each have made decisions on up to 3,000 papers
    • Published up to 500 papers each
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    Medical Writing Can Be Defined As The Field That Includes Developing And Researched Articles That Can Bring A Breakthrough In The Field Of Healthcare. It Primarily Involves Creating Scientific Documents Such As Publishing Articles For Healthcare Pharmaceutical Organizations, Research Documents, Writing For Healthcare Magazines, Journals, Reports As Well As Generating News Material.

    Medical Writing Service At Pubrica Provide A Clear And Concise Documents That Are Sound From Both A Scientific And Regulatory Perspective. Every Medical Dissertation Or Thesis, Manuscript, Article, Research Proposal, Case Report And Any Medical Stream Paper Is Written With The Expertise Views And Assisted With Our Medical Experts.

    Pubrica Has A Professional Experience In Medical Writing. Further The Team Of Medical Professionals From Pubrica, Offer Unique Medical Writing Services Includes Clinical Research, Pharmacology, Public Health, Regulatory Writing, Clinical Report Forms (Crf), Biostatistics, Psychology, Life Science, Dentistry, Radiology, Dermatology, Diabetology, Gynecology, Cardiology, Biochemistry, Forensics, Surgery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Genomics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Fmcg Companies, Hospitals, Universities, Publishers, Phd, Students Pursuing Medicine, Physicians, Doctors, Authors And Provide Support In Writing Any Medical Stream Paper.

    Our Experts Are Like A Bunch Of Fruitful Trees Bearing Medical Professionalism With Passion Towards Research In The Medical Field. They Have Helped Many Students In Defending Their Ph.D. And Medical Dissertations Successfully. Medical Dissertation Help At Pubrica Is Provided Without Plagiarism. Once Your Medical Dissertation Is Ready, It Undergoes A Series Of Tasks To Check For Its Grammar, Sentence Formation Styles And Finally Through The Anti-Plagiarism Software And Will Be Delivered On-Time, Get Our Medical Writing Services And Scientific Manuscript Editing Services Find The Comfort In Your Research. Apart From The Dissertation, We Also Support You In Writing Any Medical Stream Subjects, Biostatistics And Journal Publication Services

    Pubrica writing and editing experts take the onus off your shoulders. Work with us to write and publish those scientific/academic papers that you have been planning to write but just couldn't find time. Practice your profession and publish those medical papers.

    Our Process

    Once we have received the de-identified patient data and methods, and the principles investigator and medical writer have discussed the teaching point, our experts take your manuscript through a multi-step composition process.



    A research Assistant Reviews the Literture and Creates Journal-Compliant Tables and Figures.



    A Biostatistician determines the Appropriate and Analyzes Data Collection Methods.



    The Medical Writer Drafts the Paper , Consulting with a Well-Published Physician-scientist.



    Physician Consultants Review the document, Give Feedback,and Approve the Final Draft Before Submission.

    What sets us apart from other writing and editing services?

    Our service is truly comprehensive. Everything in the research publication process a clinician does not have to do, we provide. We take care of data analysis, background research, and manuscript drafting so you can focus on patient care.

    Case Report

    Preparing a review article can occasionally bring to light a clinical problem that then can be addressed prospectively in a well-designed study.

    What You Provide

    • Patient Details (demographic such as age, sex, etc.)
    • History
    • Investigation Details
    • Actual Procedure
    • Treatment given
    • Outcome
    • Study data and photos (CT, X-ray, etc.)
    • Rough draft of the case
    • 1 or 2 relevant paper/s you want to discuss
    • Suggest a target journal

    What We Provide

    • Extensive literature survey
    • Writing Introduction
    • Rewriting the case report section
    • Writing Discussion
    • Justification and Recommendation
    • List of references
    • Formatting according to the target journal guidelines (optional)

    Original Research Article

    Preparing a review article can occasionally bring to light a clinical problem that then can be addressed prospectively in a well-designed study.

    What You Provide

    • Topic
    • Main objective/Research question/Hypothesis
    • Methods (in detail)
    • Data
    • Statistical analysis (optional)
    • Relevant figures/images
    • Treatment
    • Follow up
    • Outcome
    • 1 or 2 relevant paper(s) you want to discuss
    • A suggested target journals

    What We Provide

    • Extensive literature survey
    • Writing the full article
    • Construction of tables and figures if required
    • List of references
    • Statistical analysis (on request)
    • Formatting according to the target journal guidelines (optional)

    Clinical Literature Review for an Evidence-based Medicine

    Preparing a review article can occasionally bring to light a clinical problem that then can be addressed prospectively in a well-designed study.

    What You Provide

    • Topic
    • Broad Research Question
    • Main Focus point
    • Rough Outline
    • Outcome
    • Suggest 2-3 significant references
    • Suggest a target journal

    What We Provide

    • Extensive literature survey, screen and classify
    • Project your research objective and the problem
    • Writing the review based on your outline and organizing the content emphasizing the main "research question"
    • Clear representation of the present status of the field
    • Identifying the controversy in the literature
    • Formulating questions that need further research
    • List of references
    • Formatting according to the target journal guidelines (optional)

    Research Proposal

    Preparing a review article can occasionally bring to light a clinical problem that then can be addressed prospectively in a well-designed study.

    What You Provide

    • Specific Topic
    • A clear Research Question
    • Main objective (why you want to do?)
    • Type of Study (prospective, retrospective...)
    • Methods
    • Study Design (Exclusion and Inclusion criteria)
    • Investigations (what is to be done)
    • Involvement of other departments
    • Suggest 2-3 relevant articles
    • Purpose of the proposal (PhD topic, grant application, etc.)

    What We Provide

    • Extensive literature survey
    • Clearly identification of the objectives, justification and methodologies to be adopted in conducting the research
    • Text with a good study design and method
    • Emphasis on the existing gap in the literature and attempt to address the research problem
    • A proposal that stands out among several other applications to enhance its chances of being funded
    • Compliance with the guidelines and formats of the funding agency as far as possible based on the information provided by you

    Customized writing

    Preparing a review article can occasionally bring to light a clinical problem that then can be addressed prospectively in a well-designed study.

    What You Provide

    • Statistical analysis (SPSS)
    • Continuing medical application (CME)
    • Medical guideline document for physicians
    • Medical procedures
    • Training Manuals
    • Regulatory writing
    • New Drug Application
    • Clinical study report/documentation
      • Phase I
      • Phase II
      • Phase III
      • Phase IV
    • Clinical protocol
    • Product Inserts

    What We Provide

    • Necessary clarification will be sought by our expert medical writers
    • Feedback on the 1st draft within 30 days of delivery

    Recommended for those who have such troubles with
    medical writing

    Complete medical writing and physician writing services for the medical and pharma industry.


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    " I am busy clinically and I do not have time to write paper. I am planning to publish research data because it is collected. "

    Medical Paper Writing

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    Frequently asked questions

    We are with you the whole nine yards. In this section, we answer the tough questions. For any information, contact us via +91-9884350006 meanwhile, here are some of those queries

    1What services do you offer under Physician Writing Services?

    We provide a wide variety of services such as a Case Report writing, Original Research Article, Clinical Literature Review for an Evidence-based Medicine, Research Proposal, Customized writing.

    2What you deliver while ordering the Customized Writing Services?

    Delivery depends on the order type. However, despite the type of order, if you require literature survey chapter, we will provide extensive and critical writing, identifying controversial in literature, referenced documents, fully formatted document, and assurance of plagiarism. Besides, under the Elite plan, we also link the problem gap with the current literature and provide you with a clear problem statement.

    3What are the different programs available under Customized Writing Services?

    We have Develop a well-written scientific & academic research article, Use appropriate citations (e.g., Oxford, APA, and MLA) as necessary. For more about detailed research area plan selection, please visit

    4What Information do I need to provide while placing an order for Customized Writing Services?

    To choose the Customized Writing Services, we need clear & precise Domain area. E.g., Medical, Bio-medical, clinical research, Area of interest, Target Country. E.g. the UK, Target State, if any or generalized UK population, Patient Details (demographic such as age, sex, etc.), History, Investigation Details, Actual Procedure, Treatment given, Outcome, Study data and photos (CT, X-ray, etc.), Rough draft of the case, 1 or 2 relevant paper/s you want to discuss, Suggest a target journal, University guidelines and also we need following information such as your Qualification, specialization, University, Country, Your experience, possible areas of your interest, Your supervisor capability and university interest, new methodology that is based on related to your Research and area of interest.

    5Do you offer niche therapeutic support services for clinical trials?

    Yes, indeed. We offer multiple yet niche therapeutic services. Our medical and regulatory writers will support you. We provide complete program development and delivery services for any phase of the trial; moreover, we can salvage a failing or faltering trial. Let our pros work with you. Get instant response via +91-9884350006

    6What are the types of journal support and illustration enhancement services you offer?

    Journal selection, journal submission, response to reviewer, peer review & pre-submission, poster creation & design and formatting Services, 2D & 3d medical animation, medical and technical drawing drawings—these are some of our journal and illustration services.

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