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Biotechnology is the study of living organisms, cells and cellular compounds which are exploited for the development of new technologies in the areas like medicinal research, agriculture, hospitals and industries. For the development of new inventions, biotechnology utilises biological systems like living organisms and molecular components to develop and create different innovative products. In the mid-1970s, the development of genetic engineering was witnessed and later with the new possibilities research on biology, biotechnology and medicine have developed rapidly in making genetically modified organisms. Whereas, in recent times, biotechnology incorporates many disciplines includes molecular genetics biology, biochemistry, etc. and becomes a multidisciplinary field of research. The contribution of biotechnology introduces many medicines and novel therapies to the medicinal field for the betterment of human lives, genetically modified plants, biofuels, etc. in the agricultural field. The prominent field of biotechnology research is the production of proteins and other therapeutic drugs through genetic engineering. For a decade now, the achievement using biotechnology to produce naturally occurring therapeutic molecules from a conventional source like plasma is tremendous and the researchers have started digging the root cause of any disease and intervene at that level. The biotechnology industry has developed its research into the traditional pharmaceuticals and antibodies that stop the progress of an illness and such steps will uncover genomics, proteomics, and the more significant biological routes in which they act. Besides, biotechnology involves technologies like bioinformatics, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine. Industries and researchers integrate these technologies to analyse molecules and also synthesise molecular biology towards chemical pathways, tissues and organs.

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