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    Medical Data Collection

    The vast majority of the data in the form of doctor’s notes, electronic medical records, prescriptions, and similar information are available. Although therein lies the golden possibility of big data in medicalcare, but it’s challenging to yield valuable insights due to complex, unstructured, and longitudinal and voluminous data.

    At Pubrica, we collect data from a wide range of sources and perform semantic annotation based on the research questions that you wanted to solve.

    We Collect Data from a wide range of sources

    • Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Medical Records
    • Genome and Research Registries
    • IoT
    • Wearable: Tracking their heart rate, BP, weight, activity levels, stress levels (e.g. FitBit, PIP, Muse headband)
    • Apps: Track a user’s regimen and intensity
    • Medical devices and sensors
    • Insurance Providers
    • Other Clinical data
    • Social Media
    • Web Knowledge
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    Image and Video Data Collection

    Pubrica provides support in custom imaging and video data collection for gestural and facial tagging, and we offer end-to-end solutions to problems such as handwritten analysis, recognition, and entity tracking. Pubrica experts are well experienced to take care of your specific needs and make the required tools to collect image and video content to meet the client’s requirements. We use our experience wisely through dynamic project management and exceptional scenario setups.

    Multilingual Data Collection

    In recent times, data collection has become the essential element and widely used for the development of innovative technologies globally. It could either be machine learning or artificial intelligence; having high-quality data will lead to a better outcome. Pubrica provides support in text-to-speech data, natural language, speech, text, handwriting, image and video data collection, etc. Pubrica has undertaken a wide range of data collection projects includes specialized simulations of scenarios and environments. We also offer custom data collection solutions to ensure the client’s service or product is ready for a multilingual group of audience. Pubrica can handle all your project needs from turnaround on a complex, or smaller scale, through data collection and we have performed data collection projects in warehouses and cars, at dinner parties and during athletic training.

    Natural Language Utterance Collection

    It is hard to identify when the customers ask a question or making a request using a different choice of words. For example, “Is there a supermarket close by?” “Can you find the grocery store close to me?” or “Where is the nearest convenience store?”. So Pubrica supports the client through identifying all possible ways of customers expression on the same product and promote it effectively with data and transfer the same to the client’s technology.

    Data Annotation & Tagging

    Pubrica makes your data more meaningful and provides all the valuable information out client’s require to train, build and test machine learning algorithms through audio, video, image, and text annotation services. Pubrica linguistic experience and international project execution enable us to efficiently tackle data labeling, tagging and analysis tasks in different languages and locations. Out data annotation and tagging experts have extensive experience in semantic annotation of text, sentiment analysis, speech and background noises, object recognition in videos and images, gesture and facial expressions, detection of named entities, handwriting analysis, and much more.

    Multilingual Transcription

    Pubrica team of experts provide multilingual transcription through native transcriptions, and our people are committed to providing the accurate phonetic transcriptions. Pubrica quality assurance team, is well experienced in making sure to provide sufficient attention given at all stages. We support in analyzing and transcribing all form of audio recordings to meet client’s unique requirements, including segmentation rules and noise-markers.


    Pubrica has done plethora of work in the area of clinical trial audits and monitoring for top pharmaceutical companies. Our CRAs will ensure a thorough review of data, frequent the sites, and perform interim analysis. All tasks in compliance to ethics committee and regulatory standards such as Schedule Y, study protocol, ICH GCP and the other regulations.


    Wide range of sources: Database: CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature), Cochrane Library, Maternity and Infant Care (MIDIRS), PubMed / MEDLINE, PsychINFO

    let experts propel your research forward.


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    No compromising on integrity and quality. Our processes are well defined and flexible to ramp up as per your requirements.


    Frequently asked questions

    We are with you the whole nine yards. In this section, we answer the tough questions. For any information, contact us via +91-9884350006 meanwhile, here are some of those queries

    1What services do you offer under Customer Segmentation Services?

    We provide a wide variety of services such as Chi-squared automatic Interaction Detectors, medical device market segmentation, biotech, pharmaceutical, hospitals market segmentation, patient segmentation.

    2What you deliver while ordering the Customer Segmentation Services?

    Delivery depends on the order type. Our customer segmentation research allows companies to identify priority segments to target, determine the optimal value proposition for a different customer, and understand how to build and leverage brand equity.

    3What are the different programs available under Customer Segmentation Services?

    We have Patient-reported outcome (PRO) studies,Quality of life and health utility studies,Retrospective cost-effectiveness and Resource utilization studies. For more about detailed research area plan selection, please visit Segmentation /

    4What Information do I need to provide while placing an order for Customer Segmentation Services?

    To choose the Research Services, we need clear & precise Domain area. E.g., Medical, Bio-medical, clinical research,Area of interest, Target Country. E.g. the UK, Target State, if any or generalized UK population, Clear Research Proposal - Rough outline, Suggest 2-3 significant references, Feasibility of data collection, University guidelines and also we need following information such as your Qualification, specialization, University, Country, Your experience, possible areas of your interest, Your supervisor capability and university interest, new methodology that is based on related to your Research and area of interest.

    5What are the qualifications for the writers you employ?

    Pubrica hires only experienced and certified professionals from European and UK base. All of our medical writers hold Master and PhD degree and have at least five years of writing experience. Each medical writer have their specialization; it helps us to allocate the most appropriate writer according to your discipline. You will get only subject expertise, that’s our assurance, i.e., every order of thesis provide only a relevant research background.

    6What are the procedures once I order for Customer Segmentation Services?

    After confirming your order, work will be assigned to Project Associates (PA), who will check the order according to the requirement. The order will, later on, assign to specific subject experts after signing a non-disclosure agreement. She/he will start working on the project as per the agreed deliverables. The order will be delivered after thorough quality check and assurance by the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and will be given for plagiarism check. After that, you will get the QAD and plagiarism report.

    7If I am not satisfied with the work that you delivered, will you refund?

    Our work is completely based on your order and requirement. We promise on following guarantees: (1) On-time delivery (2) Plagiarism free and Unique Content (with the acceptability of less than 5-10% plagiarism) (3) Exact match with your requirements (4) Engaging Subject or domain experts for your project. If there is any deviation in the mentioned guarantees, we take 100% responsibility to compensate. However, the quality of work delivered may also get hampered when there is no precise requirement. In that case, you need to take up a fresh order.

    8What service guarantee’s that you provide within the order?

    We promise on following guarantees: (1) On-time delivery (2) Plagiarism free and Unique Content (with the acceptability of less than 5-10% plagiarism) (3) Exact match with your order requirements (4) Engaging Subject or domain experts for your project. If there is any deviation in the above guarantees, we take 100% responsibility to compensate.

    9Do you outsource your medical writers for projects?

    Yes, at Scientific Writing & Publishing Support, our motto is to work hands-on with clients. We guarantee 100% project satisfaction. So we go exceed their expectations. Full-fledged writing services across all domains; moreover, we also provide animation, regulatory writing, medical writing, research, and biostatistical programming services as well. Call us now to get a quote.


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