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Showcase your ideas by translating papers to your vernacular language with the help of Pubrica's translators who will ensure your novel ideas are not lost in the process of translation. Our team 500+ certified translators are subject-matter experts who can translate your papers. Communicate your novel ideas with the help of precise translation in high-quality English and get ready to publish your papers. Our translators work on dissertations, cover pages, textbooks, proposals, artwork, videos, scientific and academic papers across various subjects. Publish your papers in top academic and scientific journals

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We translate documents in other languages too. Request a quote for your manuscript written in any language.

Translation Quality Guarantee

During the translation phase, our certified translator with subject-knowledge expertise performs an accurate translation. In the editing phase, our professional language editor with deep subject knowledge and high language skills does the editing. To guarantee 100% quality, the translation and editing phases each have a peer-review process; our multilingual reviewer verifies the translated version before editing, and a senior level editor vets the editing copy before emailing you the final documents for publication. These multi-step phases apply to our translation services for non-academic papers as well.

Multi-step translation phases

  • Translate
    By certified translator
  • Multi-lingual
    A multi-lingual specialist checks the paper
  • Editing
    A senior specialist checks the content
  • Final Draft
    Ensure requirements are met.

    Why Pubrica’s academic translation?

  • Translation by subject-matter specialists with editing to ready your manuscript.
  • Team of 500+ experienced and certified translators.
  • Secure and encrypted IT security systems in place.
  • Manage your submissions online.
  • 100% quality guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

We are with you the whole nine yards. In this section, we answer the tough questions. For any information, contact us via +91-9884350006 meanwhile, here are some of those queries

1 What are the different types of scientific editing services for researchers and academicians?

We offer complete scientific, technical, and medical editing; moreover, proofreading for all kinds of documents. We deliver manuscripts on time and are delivered on time with highest standards of clarity, precision, and content. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.

2What skills do medical writers and editors bring to the table?

Sound knowledge in high-quality manuscript editing services & proofreading services and writing different types of scientific documents such as regulatory and clinical writing, research-related and drug or disease related documents, publication support services, and scientific publication support. They do the following:

  • Scrutinize documents-requirement gathering through publishing
  • Know-how in regulations such as EU, US standards and protocols.
  • Analyze and visualize study outcomes.
  • Build clear and consistent protocol and regulatory documents in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Liaise with clinical team
  • Manage disciplinary document review process—editing and proofing
  • Create templates that replicate the complete study; furthermore, we meet or exceed all international standards. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.
3What kind of documents do medical writers edit?

Our certified medical writers assist in Scientific, Medical, Technical and Medical (STM) documents. Books and chapters, brochures, reports, résumé dissertations and theses, grant proposals, manuscripts, editorials, grant revisions, galley proofs, grant reviews, manuscript reviews, presentations, posters, letters, philosophy statements, promotion packages, technical writings, review articles—these are examples of the work we do.

4Do you outsource your medical writers for projects?

Yes, at Scientific Writing & Publishing Support, our motto is to work hands-on with clients. We guarantee 100% project satisfaction. So we go exceed their expectations. Full-fledged writing services across all domains; moreover, we also provide animation, regulatory writing, medical writing, research, and biostatistical programming services as well. Call us now to get a quote.

5Do you offer niche therapeutic support services for clinical trials?

Yes, indeed. We offer multiple yet niche therapeutic services. Our medical and regulatory writers will support you. We provide complete program development and delivery services for any phase of the trial; moreover, we can salvage a failing or faltering trial. Let our pros work with you. Get instant response via +91-9884350006.

6What are the types of journal support and illustration enhancement services you offer?

Journal selection, journal submission, response to reviewer, peer review & pre-submission, poster creation & design and formatting Services, 2D & 3d medical animation, medical and technical drawing drawings—these are some of our journal and illustration services.

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