Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

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Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field of research which applies the principles of engineering and life sciences in developing bioartificial substitutes for tissues and organs. It can be used in pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, diagnostic and basic research to understand the fundamental features of in vivo cell functions involving disease onset, progression and ageing process. Tissue engineering is the advancement of biological substitutes which helps in restoring tissue growth and improve its function, as well, in tissue-specific regeneration process to overcome organ transplantation. Further, tissue engineering has recently proposed design in healthy pathological tissue which can be used for screening drugs and evaluation of new medicines while investigating complex phenomena regulating disease. Tissue engineering is a field of regenerative medicine in tissue repair after being damaged by disease or through an accident. To repair, stem cells have been a great tool with their capacity to differentiate into a large number of cells. Stems cells are differentiated into an embryonic stem cell, adult stem cell and pluripotent stem cell. Tissue engineering requires desired stimulation to guide differentiation, bioreactor, 3-D structure for cell proliferation, growth and scaffold.

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