Medicinal chemistry

Medicinal chemistry

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Medicinal chemistry is the study of a chemical compound to design, optimize and develop a therapeutic drug. It is a multifaced discipline as it requires knowledge and experience in handling experiments for the synthesis of a potential drug. And characterization of the compound using advanced techniques and finally investigation on the interaction of the chemical compound with the biological targets, thereby, to understand the biological effect of a therapeutic drug, its metabolism and excessive side effects. Medicinal chemistry is the intersection of synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, nanotechnology, life science, biotechnology, toxicology, veterinary, human medicine, etc. where they involved in experimental design, chemical synthesis, optimization for specific application and development of pharmaceutical agents and bioactive molecules. More often, the chemical compounds used as medicines are organic chemical which includes atorvastatin, clopidogrel, fluticasone, etc. and biological compounds include infliximab, insulin glargine, erythropoietin, etc. But nowadays, natural proteins are used in medicinal preparation as recombinant antibodies and hormones. With better management, pharmaceutical practices, identifying the suitable chemical agent and pharmaceutical formulation, the medicinal chemistry can conclusively prove they are safe, efficient and ideal for use in treating human diseases.

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