Optics and electronics

Optics and electronics

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Optics and electronics are the branches of science; optics deals with the properties and behaviour of light wave while electronics use non-linear and electrical components to design electronic circuits. Optics science studies the interactions of light with different matters and construct instruments for use or to detect the response. It usually describes the behaviour of infrared, UV and visible light rays using electromagnetic waves. In contrast, microwaves, X-rays, and radio waves have other forms of electromagnetic radiations with similar properties. Optical science has been described with wave-like and particle-like phenomena, and it has many related studies in disciplines including medicinal research, photography, biomedical engineering, biomolecular engineering, medical imaging, astronomy and many more. Optics has found to be in technologies including mirrors, microscopes, fibre optics, lenses, and lasers. Electronics science is used in designing semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, VLSI devices, transistors and diodes, etc. It covers a broad range of disciplines including digital and analog electronics, power electronics, embedded systems, and many more. Electronics science deals with the understanding of principles, algorithms, and implementation of applications associating with solid-state physics, robotics, radio and telecommunication engineering, signal processing, control systems, computer science and many more.

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