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Sensor Technology

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Sensor technology is an advanced engineering science which has been widely used for safety and security, surveillance, and monitoring. The base of sensor technology depended on industrial applications for process control, monitoring and protection alert. Further, it is introduced into the health care system for diagnostics, critical care monitoring and in public health. As we move towards an increasing connecter world, sensors are proliferating in countless applications, and many of those devices incorporate multiple miniatured sensors with high performance while using less power. Besides digitalization, sensors play a vital role in the shift to digital as it requires high performance sensors that not only sense data but also interpret the sensed data for a couple of application. For the internet of things, the use of multiple sensor technologies has become a mandate and often overlap one another to make the package looks compact. Likewise, sensor technology has been used in almost every electronic device, wearables, medical devices, and in electrical appliances which includes a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, monitoring sensor, force sensor, etc. In recent times, research in sensors has shown promising development, significant innovation and inventions to make life easier. With the help of nanotechnology and novel materials, sensor technology has become smaller, smarter and more efficient in use, and it is a much need development for the future.

Sensors can improve the quality of diagnosis in medicinal application around the world with its improved performance while consuming less energy, even form batteries and solar power. Thus, the sensors improve the life spam through safe screening of disease and along with IoT, it helps to monitor the aged and chronic patients real-time from anywhere in the globe. Further, sensor technology also helps in exploring the space and in improving the environment by continuous monitoring.

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