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Nanobiotechnology is the study of applied biological phenomena and unique fusion of nanotechnology and biotechnology through which the nanoparticle serves as a carrier or sensors for biomolecule delivery in the human body. Nanobiotechnology is seen as a massive advantage in the research area as the micro-technology can be used for a molecular biological approach. Therefore, this disciple will ease part of life science by merging cutting-edge applications of nanotechnology, biotechnology, molecular engineering, computer technology, and biomedical engineering into modern-day biological issues. These research areas have the potential to go beyond the boundaries in inventing state-of-the-art technology with support from biology, physics, and chemistry and thus shape up the future with innovative concepts. Though there were many challenges from different directions in developing the existing education and research methods, nanobiotechnology fusion has been extensively used in making nanodevices, nanorobots, nanoparticles, etc. as a biological machine to diagnose and provide appropriate treatment with absolute specificity. This technical approach allows research professionals to imagine and create many biologically inspired nanotechnology concepts targeting biological systems. The objective of using nanobiotechnology is to apply nanotools for medicinal or biological problems and thus to develop many applications from the existing technology to provide cost-effective treatment, reduce toxicity, easy administration, patient compliance, the specific release of the drug, and targeted diagnostic system, etc.

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