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Internet of Things

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IoT or the internet of things is an interrelated computer device, mechanical or digital machine that can transfer data over a network without any interaction between human to human or computer device to human. It consists of microprocessors, sensors and communication hardware that helps connect, send and act on data which are collected from the environment; thus, it is a web-enabled smart device. IoT evolves due to the convergence of real-time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems. The application of IoT includes smart home, medical and health care, transportation, infrastructure automation, energy management, network architecture, etc. One of the key parameters of the IoT is data as it involves data security and privacy, but this could be minimized through multiple encryptions and in-depth data defence.

In healthcare, real-time monitoring place a huge role in collecting medical and other required data to save lives in the event of emergencies such as heart attack, asthma attack, etc. To avoid such circumstances, IoT has been used as a medical device in collecting health data like blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen, ECG, etc. and store the data in the cloud. A medical device is said to be an apparatus, appliance, implant, material or other similar instruments, developed by the manufacturer to be used for human well-being, for the medical purpose include

  • Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease or injury
  • Investigation and support of the anatomy or physiological process
  • Collecting information from the human body

IoT can automate patients care through transferring collected data. As it provides end-to-end connectivity, data analysis, tracking, and real-time alerting. Thus, IoT permits a quicker breakdown of the patient's conditions to provide hands-on treatment with better accuracy. IoT is also used for research purposes as the collected data can be used for the statistical study that could support medical research through saving time and money. Pubrica offers you biostatistical programming services and complete publishing support across a variety of publications, journals, and books. We provide complete support from translating your concept to incisive report, and we will be with you through the entire publication stages. We assist medical doctors, students, hospitals, and pharma and device manufacturers in their quest for a credible writing partner. We have experts across subjects such as life science, medical and technology. Due to our consistent, high-quality writing, we are able to publish in journals with high impact factor includes IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Journal, International Journal of Internet of Things and Cyber-Assurance, IEEE Wireless Communications, The Information Systems Journal, International Journal of Hyper connectivity and the Internet of Things, Sensors, etc.

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