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Agriculture is the process of production of food, feed, fibre and other desired products by cultivation and raising of domesticated animals. The practice of agriculture is commonly known as farming, while scientist, inventors and other personals are involved in improving the farming techniques and implement it to modern agriculture. Agriculture is of two forms namely subsistence farming and industrial farming. Subsistence farming is who farms in a small cultivation area with limited quantity and produces enough food for his/her family needs. Whereas, industrial farming involves large agricultural fields and produces food using high level of mechanisms. Other agricultural production includes starch, sugar, cotton, wool, silk, etc. The understanding of agriculture requires knowledge of chemical fertilizer, insecticides, nature of the soil, analysis of agricultural products and its nutritional values.

The western world has started the green revolution and modified the process of agriculture as well, spreading it around the globe. The recent development includes hybridization, hydroponics, plant breeding, gene manipulation, soil nutrients and weed control. In the technologically developed era, agriculture and genetic engineering have produced crops providing high yield and high resistance to plant diseases. They modify the seeds to germinate fast, and thus the crop can be grown in an extended area. However, the significance of agriculture has drastically dropped since industrialization, and now the service sector overtook farming as the economic sector employing huge in number.

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