Data Mining

Data Mining

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Data mining is defined as the process used to extract useful information from a large amount of raw data. By using software, large batches of data were used in analysing the pattern based on the trends and behaviour to know their customers and thus, it helps develop effective marketing strategies to increase sales. This allows businesses to reach their objective in making better decisions. Data mining has a wide range of applications in science and research, as it involves ineffective data collection and computer processing. Such segmentation uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms, and it is also known as knowledge discovery in data. Data mining can be used for database marketing, credit risk management, spam email filtering, fraud detection, etc. Besides, data mining techniques are used to construct machine learning models which power artificial intelligence in recommendation systems and search engine algorithms.

The data mining process splits down into five simple steps. Firstly, it will involve in organising all the collected data and load it into data warehouses. Then they store and manage the collected data, on the server or the cloud. Thirdly, the data will be accessed by the business analyst, management team and computer professionals to determine the structure and pattern to organise the data. Then the computer software starts sorting the data based on the defined requirements and finally, the data will be submitted in the form of graph and table. In brief, data mining allows for sifting through all the messy and repetitive noise in your data. And it will make us understand what is relevant and then make good use of that information to assess likely outcomes to further accelerate the tempo of making informed decisions.

Data mining is the heart of data analytics across a variety of industries and institutions. Pubrica has an advanced data mining software which has developed using a cutting-edge algorithm designed to help and solve the biggest challenges in companies includes telecommunication, multimedia, an insurance company, manufacturing, banking sectors, retail companies and educational institutions. Pubrica has a well-equipped experts team in descriptive modelling, predictive modelling, and prescriptive modelling.

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