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Cosmeceuticals are the study of bioactive ingredients intended to have medicinal benefits in cosmetic products. It is the integration of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as it to provide medical benefits that makes a change in appearance. A parallel branch of study is a nutraceutical, and it is the combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals as it provides medicinal benefits to humans through dietary supplements or by food and beverage products. Cosmeceuticals have been widely used in developed nations, which includes anti-ageing, photo melanosis, photo tanning, pigmentation disorders, rhytid reduction, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, hair growth, hair fall prevention, and skin tone complexion, etc. Although there were many rumours on toxicity and side effects of using cosmeceuticals product, it is carefully manufactured medicinal cosmetics to have good tolerance. Besides, for skin sensitive people, the approaches differ and have an adverse effect of burning sensation, erythema, irritation, etc. and they are advised to visit a dermatologist before further use. The primary usage of cosmeceuticals is for skin lightening, depigmentation, sunscreens, moisturiser, anti-wrinkle effect, antioxidants, acne, melasma, rosacea, hair strengthening, hair growth stimulation, and hair improvement. Now, the healthcare industry is becoming progressively commercialised, and research professionals are working to develop new cosmetic products with added medical and pharmaceutical benefits to have a healthy lifestyle. Further, developing a new product does cost a lot of money, and many small-scale organisations are out of funds at the critical stage and look for grand funding agencies. In the fast-growing world, every step needs to be reported to have a better finding the future.

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