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Biochemistry is the branch of science, and it is the study of structure and function of molecules related to microorganisms like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acid. The term biochemistry was derived from physiological chemistry and biological chemistry. Biochemistry is used to describe the interactions of biological molecules and its functions by exploring the chemical process such as chromatography, western blot, etc. Moreover, such interaction tells us how cells communicate with each other during the growth period and while fighting illness. Thus it covers a wide range of disciplines such as microbiology, genetics, plant science and medicine.

Biochemistry is the fascinating area of study and becomes the foundation for understanding the biological process as it provides us information and experimental ideas on how living organism works and explains the cause of many diseases in human beings, supports the understanding of diseases and contributes to finding innovative technology for future revolution through suggesting ways to treat or cure disease. Moreover, biochemistry plays a vital role in food industries, cosmetic production, forensic crime research, drug discovery and development and requires key skills in doing analytical experiments, problem-solving capability, observation, planning and logical thinking.

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