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Animal Science

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Animal science is the study of biological, physical, and social problems associated with animals include dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, etc. The professionals will undergo formal training to learn and study animal production and care. They also have knowledge of animal behaviour and management, nutrition, genetics, physiology, microbiology and reproduction. There are several majors in animal science aligned within business, industry and government sectors, education and research. In industrial areas, animal science professionals associated in artificial breeding, pharmaceutical study, and equipment manufacturing. Research professionals specialized in animal reproduction, health maintenance, disease control, animal nutrition, computer modelling, waste management, and environmental quality helps monitoring and control of infectious disease through medicinal research. Research scholars work with epidemiologists, natural scientist and with animal welfare associations for diagnosing animals, providing treatment and helps to maintain a healthy life. In medicine, the fundamental studies will be carried out through animals which are grown for clinical trial purposes and recent advances in genetic engineering, molecular biology and biotechnology help to narrow the significant changes in animal production.

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