Structure for writing a scientific research proposal in biotechnology

July 2, 2020
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July 1, 2020
July 18, 2020

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In brief:

  • The intention of writing a research proposal in biotechnology is to get approval for research work from a committee irrespective of what you are applying.
  • The researcher aims to clearly describe the research in a way that a non-specialist can understand.
  • The research proposal in biotechnology must not only define how the research will be carried out but also need to provide detail description about the required timeline.


Writing a research proposal in the present era is an entirely challenging mission because of the constant evolution in the research design and the need to incorporate innovative concepts and medical advances in the methodology section. A well-formatted research proposal in the field of biotechnology will be written according to the required guidelines forms the mainstay for the research, and hence proposal writing is an essential step in the process of conducting research. The main objective in preparing a research proposal is to obtain approval from several committees such as the ethics committee and grant committee.

Basic requirements for an effective research proposal:

The primary purpose of every proposal that needs to address how your proposed research will fit into what is already know and the proposal should add innovative addition to the present findings in biotechnology while specifying the research question to be answered, its significance and implications. For example, TB is the deadly infectious disease in the world, but unfortunately, not all drugs are adversely affecting the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Thus the proposing research should be innovative in finding the existing problems and identify solutions.

The research proposal must be capable of convincing the committee evaluating the proposal about the practicality, reproducibility of the proposed research in biotechnology, its achievability and credibility.

In most cases, the evaluation committee consists of the audience with different expectations and committee members from various fields such as academic professionals, policy-makers, practitioners and general audience.

In order to overcome all the challenges that come during the process of writing a quality research proposal in biotechnology, expert guidance is advisable and recommended. We have experienced professional in various fields like biotechnology, management, engineering, science and medicine, and they are ready to support in writing a full research proposal from developing innovative ideas, literature review, experimental design till budget evaluation and citation. We also provide consultations for the same and specific writing, editing, and proofreading support for your research proposal in the field of biotechnology.

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Contents of a research proposal:

In general, the research proposal format varies depending on what you are applying for, e.g. grant proposal, PhD proposal, master thesis proposal, and research position proposal. The requirements vary according to the evaluation committee and are generally provided in advance by the institution or evaluation committee.

The well-proven structure we use for writing the research proposal are:

  1. Title page
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Introduction
  4. Literature review
  5. Research design and methods
  6. Budget
  7. Appendices
  8. Citations

Title page:

Like every research document, the biotechnology research proposal will have a title page that includes.

  • The title of your proposed research project (For example: “A translational recovery mechanism may provide a novel target for drug-resistant of M. tuberculosis.
  • Name of the student
  • Name of the supervisor
  • The department and Institution

It is suitable for a research project, to know the specific structure for your requirements, reach out to us.

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Aims and objectives:

The aim or goal and objective of the biotechnology research proposal should give a broad indication of the expected research outcome and the hypothesis to be tested can also be the aim of your study. The objective can be categorized as primary and secondary according to the parameters and tools used to achieve the goal.


The introduction is the initial pitch for the research proposal, and it is mandatory to explain what you want to do and why. The introduction should

  • Explain the topic
  • Give the background and context of the topic
  • Overview of the proposed problem statement and research question

The proposal should also focus on some essential questions to guide the introduction

  1. Who has an interest in the topic or the target audience?
  2. What are the existing issues and the missing elements from the current trend?
  3. What new insights will your research contribute?
  4. Why is this research worth doing?

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Literature review:

A literature review is the crucial part of any research work, and it helps in exploring and familiarizing much about the topic. A strong review convinces the reader and makes the audience understand the importance of the proposed research in biotechnology.

A review must demonstrate precisely how the proposed research will contribute to the technological development in biotechnology

  • Compare and contrast the main theories, existing methods and controversies
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches?
  • Show how your research fits in overcoming the challenges

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Research design and methods:

The objective of producing the research design and methods is to analyze how the researcher is addressing the research problem, and it is an opportunity to impress the evaluation committee by providing a well-driven research design chosen from an appropriate source. This section of the research proposal should explain the sources and methods to be incorporated in the conduct of research and discuss the specific requirements of the proposed project. In addition, the search strategy used for information gathering and analysis should be clearly explained, and it is advised to restate the main objective of the proposed project to bring back the attention as this avoids diversion. The research design and methods section should clearly describe the approach, and practical steps will be taken to address the research questions.

Research methods should state

  • What tools and procedures will be used to conduct an experiment, collect and analyze data?
  • Why will the chosen method be the best to answer the research questions?

Make sure not to mention a list of methods instead explain the most appropriate and reliable approach to answering the formulated research questions.

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While preparing a research budget, the researcher should predict the required fund and add additional fund for unexpected delays and rising costs, and it should be justified. If the proposal is written explicitly for research funding, the researcher must categorize the budget on each part. Pubrica has experts to support in estimating the appropriate fund for any project, and we categorize each segment to determine the exact value.

Make sure to check the type of costs the funding agencies will agree to cover and include relevant items in your budget. For each category, include:

  • How much money do you need?
  • Why is this fund necessary to complete the research?
  • How did you calculate the amount?

To determine your budget, think about:

  • Materials cost
  • Assistance or support staff required
  • Travel costs
  • Required timeline

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Appendices are the support document provided for a proposal, and it will be specific for each proposal include supporting documents, questionnaires, and details of measurement tools.


Citation is the process of citing the original research paper in which the idea or methods used for composing a research proposal. And it is mandatory for any scientific research articles.

In summary, a research proposal in biotechnology should communicate the researcher’s knowledge on the project, methods and explain the need for the study. A research proposal has written for multiple reasons as mentioned, and an expert’s support will be an added advantage on any specific purpose as it gives you an edge over other participants. We provide a complete biotechnology research proposal writing service for clients who lacks background knowledge on biotechnology and specified service that you wish to hire an expert.


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