Cancer research writing: how to plan and write a research proposal

August 20, 2020
Do’s and Don’ts in writing a scientific literature review for health care research
August 18, 2020
What are the reporting guidelines to be followed while writing a biomedical literature review for a manuscript?
August 27, 2020

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  • To get it how cancer cell develops and advance in the natural, comparison between the healthy cells and cancer cells.
    • There are several approaches to treat cancer cells like immune therapy, gene therapy which resists the patients from cancer cells.
    • Writing a cancer research paper is not a simple task; it’s more difficult while collecting research paper.Pubrica gives full support in writing research article in various disciplines like cancer, drug resistance, cancer cells, etc., Pubrica can also support in experimental researches too.


Cancer is a universal leading cause of death world wide; there are several types of cancers; mainly, they are brain cancer, breast cancer, lungs cancer, kidney cancer etc. If research thesis should be published in a specific journal, then the documents should contain specific elements like abstracts, the body of the text, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. The steps which include in the hypothesis are

  1. The main target should be researches, and the searching content should highly related to the topic.
  2. The quality and integrity of the research paper should be high.
  3. The reference list should befrom books, chapters, articles which are related to the topics.

Challenges in cancer research writing:

Essential investigation in cancer research is frequently seen as high-risk potential since the clinical applications give a unique detail about the scientific journal. From many cases, information is gathered for examining cancer cells, not as it made stride our understanding of the infection but it is necessary for the improvement of clinical progress which is more useful to the patients, as well as to theimmunotherapy and cancer immunizations outlines.

In many cases,the abilityof almost all the results of fundamental analysis about the cancer researchers are about the moderately small subsequence from so many sources, so that government financing for cancer research analysis about is critical. Collaborating over disciplines is progressively essential to get better vital instrument in cancer. In this manner, a few examiners may get to create apparatus and procedures for sharing and communicating their investigation through a scientific paper.

There are five steps to write an active cancer research proposal

  1. Preparation
  2. Development
  3. Specific points
  4. Background and importance
  5. Research plan and strategies
  1. Preparation:

This is the first step in writing a research paper. Identification of research journals. How long it would take to complete the process, what level of financing it would require, and finding of potential for particular compounds. 

  • Development:

Given application undergo through these sequences 1. Unique 2. Presentation 3. Particular aims, 4. Significant 5. Investigation or research plans 6. Budget 7. Biographical sketch

  • Specific point:

The particular point/ specific point is the question, speculations, or generally speculations that the research is looking to address or test. The author undergoes to represent the long-term objective or short-term objective, reasonable or extremely reasonable as well as particular point should aim the scientific research paper.

            Cancer research may address extensive and complex questions that are not continuously fully expressed. The author can take critical bits of knowledge that may rise amid the course of the study that will direct theproject in future headings.

  • Background and importance

This area briefly explains about the publication, critically evaluates existing information, and particularly distinguishes the reports which the project intends to fill. Briefly states the significance and healthy importance of the research paper described within the application by relating the particular points to the overall long-term objective. Here the author has the opportunity to show information of the field, the capacity to analyse the existing research about critically, and to appear how the proposed work will expand a investigate zone.

  • Research plan and strategies

Sketch the research about plan and method to be utilized to achieve the specific aims of the development. Incorporate how the information will be collected, analysed and interpreted. Sketch any unused strategy and its advantages over existing methodology. Talk about the potential trouble and barrier of the proposed procedures and elective approaches to attain the points. As a part of this research area which gives a conditional arrangement or timetable for the extension point out.


In cancer research and therapies, there are so many advancements which help to fasten the technology and record-breaking. There are so many limitations like drug properties, industrial scale-up and stability of drugs to a clinical trial. We are going with you through the whole circulating stages we help restorative specialists, backup, healing centres, pharma and apparatus producers in their journey for a solid collaboration. We have specialists over subjects such as life science, therapeutic and innovation


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