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Robotics is the technology used to develop machines as the substitute of humans, and it deals with conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. Robotics is the interdisciplinary field involves computer science, electronics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, AI and bioengineering. Robotics had already been into industrial manufacturing a long time ago. One such example is car manufacturing, where the robots are fully involved in fixing the parts with precision and painting, etc. So it makes the process look easy and quick. Likewise, robots are rapidly growing in healthcare industries for assisting surgeries, dispensing medications, disinfecting rooms, etc. Literature suggests the history of robots used in medicine. In 1985, a neurosurgical biopsy was completed, and the surgery was assisted by a robotic arm. Now, health care robots look primitive because of the technological advancement of sensors and motion control. Thus the advancement makes the robot more precise, autonomous and makes more capable of carrying out complex surgical procedures. Moreover, robotic healthcare innovations will be the future in devising new care models for a growing population and thus brings high quality in health care in a cost-effective way. In that regards, robotics provides key benefits for health care providers and patients which includes assistance to patients, eliminate human errors in risky procedures, produce targeted or personalized treatments, reduce the time of surgery and improves patient recovery time thus shortens their hospital stay.

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