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Public Health

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Public health is the study of safety and developing health through educating, policymaking, and researching on diseases and injury prevention. The definition differs from person to person and it a field of study in working with the community people directly to help them improve the quality of health through conducting laboratory experiments and field research. Public health professionals work around the globe in addressing several key issues and health problems of the community as a whole and influence in making new policies that impact on the health of societies. There are many differences between public health and clinical health professionals. Public health has many professional departments include medicine, social work, environmental science, health service, administration, health science, etc. and it is entirely focused on community problems rather than individual issues. Public health experts organized in monitoring the situation and diagnose the health-related concerns of the entire neighbourhood and encourage health practices to assure the population's health. Public health is a professional and diverse discipline in bringing together the individual skills and learning from human biology, life science, quantitative science, social and behavioural science, political science, human rights and ethics, and management.

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