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The term nutraceuticals are used to describe nutritional and medicinal functional foods which are otherwise defined as a designer or functional food, and dietary supplements. It includes modified yoghurts, fortified cereals, vitamins, supplements and genetically modified foods. Nutraceutical has physiological benefits and prevents chronic disease as it benefits in improving health, delaying the ageing process, increase life expectancy, and provide support to the formation and function of the body. In recent times, nutraceuticals have gained interest in nutritional therapeutic effects and potential safety standards. Literature reviews provide evidence-based results related to oxidative stress, cardiovascular, eye, immune, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory and Parkinson's diseases as well as obesity. In general, the nutraceutical is considered as a dietary supplement that contains one or more ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nutritional substances, medicinal herbs which increase the daily intake of these required ingredients to the proper function of the human body. Nutraceuticals are composed of these dietary elements, which is not only used as nutrition but for health purpose.

Nowadays, nutraceuticals have the conventional amount of interest due to potential nutritional safety and therapeutic effects. Though medicinal food is formulated to be consumed under the supervision of physicians, it is intended to use it as specific dietary management of a disease which required nutritional requirements that are necessary for medical evaluation.

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