Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry

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Nuclear chemistry is the study of the atomic process, radioactivity and transformation of nuclei atom-like nuclear transmutation. It is a branch of chemistry and is concerned with the properties and changes in the electronic structure of an atom. Nuclear chemistry is the study of different radioactive elements includes radium, actinides and radon along with the associated equipment like a nuclear reactor. But the essential factor in understanding nuclear chemistry is to know the material behaviour after putting it in nuclear waste storage. It includes the study of chemical effects to the human, animals and plants as it is clear that the radiation has an impact on the human body at the molecular range and nuclear chemistry shows that the biological radiation alters biochemicals in the body. As a result, nuclear chemistry supports to improve medical treatment like cancer chemotherapy or cancer radiotherapy.

Nuclear chemistry helps us understand the production of radioactive in a wide range of process which includes radiotherapy in medicinal applications, radioactive traces in industry, science, and the environment, and radiation to modify materials like polymer. It also adds to study nuclear process in non-radioactive areas of humans which includes nuclear magnetic resonance, spectroscopy, synthetic organic chemistry, physical chemistry and structural analysis in biomolecular engineering. Nuclear chemistry is concerned in the study of the nucleus, changes in the nucleus, particle properties, and the emission of absorption of radiation.

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