Molecular engineering

Molecular engineering

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Molecular engineering deals with manufacturing new molecules at a microscopic scale which is novel and can typically be stable at a range of conditions. The advancement in technologies and laboratory setup can manually manipulate the existing molecules using scanning tunnelling microscope. Molecular engineering is highly interdisciplinary as it helps chemical engineering or protein engineering to stimulate protein molecules with the natural process called prion reproduction using biochemistry. However, molecular engineering has far more control in a genetical modification of the existing genome, which entirely relies on biochemistry to modify genes and manipulate to produce non-protein. The association of molecular engineering includes chemical engineering, material science, bioengineering, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, physics, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc. With the fundamental nature of molecular interaction and the understanding in molecular engineering have come in the areas of immunotherapy, synthetic biology, electronics printing, etc. The growing technologies using molecular engineering has rapidly increased to study and control the manipulated surface composition and the interaction between the cells. Though the cell interacts through the molecular receptors and ligands, it is essential to have control over the molecular structure to regulate the interactions. Molecular engineering is widely used in several departments, which includes energy harvesting and storage, self-cleaning surface, antibiotic surfaces, water desalination, carbon sequestration, peptide-based biopharmaceuticals, gene delivery, metabolic engineering, DNA functionalized materials, etc.

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