Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Imaging Techniques

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Medical imaging is a technique of creating a visual representation of the internal body for clinical analysis and to medicinal intervention. Such visual content represents the function of internal organs and tissues. In most cases, medical imaging techniques help the physicians to identify the internal structures hidden behind the bones and the skin through which the diagnosis and treatment take place. With the help of an established database of medical imaging techniques, the physicians identify the abnormalities by comparing the normal anatomy and physiology of the internal human body. There are several types of medical imaging techniques used to view the individual organ, and it is seen as the technological advancement for the future. The major imaging techniques used to identify many abnormalities are magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, radiography and ultrasound. Magnetic resonance imaging techniques are used to look at the organs and the structure of the body through radio waves and magnetic fields. The magnet present in the MRI scanner produces strong magnetic fields which aligns the protons of hydrogen atoms in the body. Then these photons are exposed to the radio waves and thus cause the protons to rotate. When the radio wave transmission is stopped, the protons get realign and emit the radio wave which will then detected by the scanner as data points and create an image. Nuclear medicine plays a vital role in radiation therapy, and it is a collective term that involves any medicine using nuclear material. For radioactive imaging, firstly, the nuclear materials will be injected at a particular site of action. Later the nuclear material will generate radiation which will be detected to create an image.

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