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Computer science is the study of a systematic, methodical process called algorithms to process the information, acquisition, storage, communication, and access the information. It can be divided into theoretical and practical disciplines. Computer science involves in the process of interacting with data which can be represented in the form programs or algorithms. As the algorithm enables to manipulate and communicate digital information and the professionals study the computation and the experimental design of the system software. The primary area of research under computer science involves in designing advanced technologies which include computer networking, system analysis, data security, programming language, database maintenance, cloud computing, machine learning, human-computer interaction, artificial networks, computer graphics, software engineering, numerical analysis, bioinformatics, and data mining, etc. The basic understanding of programming language is considered to the description of the computational process, and software’s use the programming language for complex functions. Computer science is deemed by multiple research areas and foundational science for many computational complexity theories, namely health economics, predictive analytics, algorithm development, interpretation and visualisation, etc. Thus provides in processing or analysing the expression and mechanism of any information.

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