Material science

Material science

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Material science is the study of different materials, and it is an interdisciplinary field of research as it involves in understanding the materials for various applications to improve the performance in that application. Researchers study the properties of solid materials and thus determines the structure and compositions. Material science also contributes to the development of solid-state physics, chemistry and metallurgy, as it involves various material properties which cannot be studied with one subject techniques. Based on the properties study, the materials will be used for many different applications like computer microchips. Therefore, material science is essential in engineering technologies includes aerospace, electronics, telecommunication, computer or information processing, nuclear power, etc. The primary categories of materials used for the experimental study are metals, semiconductors, polymers and ceramics. For example, an industrialized society requires different materials for a variety of applications like transportation, heating and cooling, communication and industrial process, etc. The relationship between different materials used for the various application is persuasive and sophisticated. At every stage of production, distribution, and utilization of materials, each material plays an essential role, and often specific materials are required for individual requirements. Such material can be identified only by conducting high standard research. Such findings can further be tested in different environmental condition to understand efficiency. The basic of every materials science involves in desired properties and performance at the atomic level and phases through characterization.

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