Drug delivery system

Drug delivery system

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A drug delivery system is a formulation of a pharmaceutical compound or a carrier that helps in achieving a targeted drug delivery of the therapeutic agent. The active compound or the transport of a molecule across various biological barriers of the body and target the site of action with a controlled release pattern. Research shows that the understanding of the physiological barriers in the circulatory system and drug movement in a targeted drug delivery system. Besides, the literature supports massive development in new drug delivery models that have entered clinical practice. Despite the significant advantage in novel drug delivery models, there are several drugs which have subsequent side effects because of lacking in targeted drug delivery as it affects human organs. There are specific side effects linked with the prescribed medicine, the mode of delivery and the corresponding response. Such side effects can be avoided using a targeted drug delivery system. So, it is necessary to develop a suitable drug delivery model, to allow effective delivery and safe administration. The advantage of a drug delivery system is the possibility of controlling the drug release rate, drug absorption and therapeutic effects as well side effects. The importance of controlling drug release and drug absorption in the therapeutic period is to maintain the drug concentration between minimal effective and minimal toxic concentration.

The primary concern of a novel delivery system is to deliver the drug at the particular site of action to avoid side effects and exposure to the non-targeted region through optimizing the bioavailability of the drug. The future advancement should concentrate more on the self-administration of the medication and improve the patient compliances with pain and dosage form. Moreover, the drug delivery system should also ensure the quality and regulatory specifications in the reproducible system. It is also necessary to investigate the drug release profile and the feasibility in scale-up the delivery system from small-scale to production.

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