Ceramic engineering

Ceramic engineering

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Ceramic engineering is the study of constructing substances from non-metallic and inorganic materials. It deals with both the science and technology in making the object at melting or freezing temperature through a precipitation reaction. Ceramic engineering is a field of experimenting that includes purification of raw materials, production of chemical compounds, and the study based on their formation, structure, composition and properties. The structure of ceramic materials will be crystalline or half-crystalline nature, and glass ceramics will be amorphous or glassy structure. Both the ceramic materials will be formed using hydrothermal and sol-gel methods from a molten mass or chemical synthesis at low temperature. The characteristics or the advantage of ceramic materials is that it can rise to many different applications in material science, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering, etc. as ceramics are heat resistant, unlike metals and polymers. Because of its heat resistance, ceramic materials are heavily used in the mining industry, aerospace, medicine, food and chemical engineering, guided lightwave transmission, etc. As ceramic engineering and its corresponding research has become more advanced and becomes an essential part of future technological development, the applications of ceramic engineering continue to expand in different departments. In recent times, the advancement in ceramic engineering on dental implants and synthetic bones made researchers think and develop more innovative concepts using ceramic materials.

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