Biomolecular engineering

Biomolecular engineering

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Biomolecular engineering is the study of engineering principles and practices of biological molecules as it integrates biological process and chemical engineering to solve molecular level problems in the life science. Biomolecular engineering deals with issues connected with the environment, food, agriculture, biotechnology and medicine. It manipulates the structure and functions of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acid to modify the properties for respective application such as environmental remediation, crop production, and biomolecular diagnostics. Researchers study the molecular recognition in antibodies, enzymes, DNA hybridisation, bio-conjugations and separations to analyse cell growth kinetics, cell signalling, biochemical pathway, etc. Biomolecular engineering explains several experimental designs for the future as bioinspired technologies using quantum and biology-based processes. And it has the potential to become one of the essential scientific areas due to its development in analysing gene expression as well as the capability in manipulation biomolecules for improved functionality. Research in the field of biomolecular engineering may lead to improved therapies, novel drug discovery and development in innovation bioprocess technology. With the increased knowledge in biomolecular engineering, the possibilities of new findings like antibodies, peptides, therapeutic enzymes, and vaccines will continue to emerge and produce newly designed drugs to treat deadly diseases like cancers and possible find answers for genetic disease as well.

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