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We offer a wide range of research services for nutraceutical ingredients, supplements, pharmacologic and functional foods for branded and private label supplements. Our Service excellence, critical to client stories, is the result of 10+ years of experience in Nutraceuticals Evidence-based Ingredient Selection (Product development): Based on your health goals for your nutraceutical supplement product, we will scrutinize the scientific database for the best natural ingredients. Selection of the ingredients is based on strong evidence-based research that demonstrates efficacy and safety to support a broad range of health needs including immune, skin, respiratory, joint and muscle. We identify all that is known, as well as find key knowledge gaps. Both a single ingredient and combination of ingredients are obtained to have synergistic health benefit. Ingredients also selected because they already have desired level of regulatory approval. Clinical Research Capabilities: We also help companies to design studies (bioequivalence, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, toxicology and safety studies, feeding trials) to provide evidence-based research that supports nutraceutical supplement safety and function Food Label Review: our food label review ensures that labels are in compliance with national and international regulations that includes

  • Allergy compliance
  • Descriptive claims
  • Health and nutrient content claims
  • GMO / GE and “free-from” labelling requirements
  • Identity statement
  • Label layout
  • Net quantitative of content statement
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Nutrition facts panel
  • Place and name of the business

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