How scientific paper published on the stages of clinical research impacted by the GDPR

September 16, 2020
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September 11, 2020
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September 16, 2020

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In clinical research, a significant concern focussed to the recently introduced regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Research regulation. As of health data is concerned in clinical trials, it is usually classed as Sensitive personal data under the present legislation as well as GDPR and sometimes undergoes severe conditions while processing in comparison with other personal data such as contact details etc. But still, sensitive personal data are broadened to include the biometric and genetic date in specific along with new compliance for such data as suggested by GDPR.

Scientific paper publishes

For any researcher, publishing their research results is an integral part of their research life. Writing a research article is not a preferred part for any researcher, and it is known as a tedious and time-consuming one. These difficulties, while writing and publishing the research findings, can be minimized by following specific guidelines and practising the same.

Choosing the target journal

There are several factors while selecting an appropriate journal for publication. Before finalizing a journal, search some of their published articles to ensure whether your study fits their requirements. For example, you may have researched on cancer genetics, but the journal’s area of interest may be on translational medicine; hence the editors will indeed not show interest in publishing your article.

Manuscript writing

After identifying the journal, submission guidelines for authors to be read once before proceeding further, make a note of allowed word limits, figure formatting and other additional requirements. In recent times, journals prefer graphical abstract, e.g. Cell press; hence these things to be paid attention. Also, copyright criteria, referencing format and image format followed as per the instruction of the journal.

Letter to the Editor

An essential part while submitting the article is drafting the letter to the editor. Usually, the authors make a blender mistake in replicating their manuscript abstract while writing the letter. The cover letter should clearly state the overall outline and other details the author wishes to share with the editor.

What is GDPR

Regulation is in European Union law; it is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the data collection and processing of personal information. The purpose of GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 is to protect the individual fundamental rights and freedom, significantly the protection of personal data.

Roles and responsibilities of the data controller

The controller is responsible for implementing appropriate organizational measures to ensure and demonstrate processing activity. The data controller responsibilities include collecting individual consent, storing of data, managing consent revoking, enabling the right to access. The controller, first of all, responsible for all the principles regarding the processing of personal data. Not all processing activities are the same. A controller must have a look at all the data processing activity and check whether they respond to principles of personal data processing. The purpose of data processing activity doesn’t need more involvement than others.

  • The controller must implement appropriate technical measures to ensure and demonstrate the performance of processing following GDPR.
  • The data controller must take action for appropriate data protection policies.
  • To demonstrate compliance controller can use specific elements that help them keep doing, such as previously mentioned approved codes of conduct certification mechanism.

GDPR requires that data controllers carry out an impact assessment (DPIAs) for “high-risk processing” and implement measures to mitigate risk. In turn, data processors required to inform data controllers of any data breach, which describe the data protection commissioner (DPC) within 72 hours where there is a risk to the rights of the data subject.

Strengthening Your Submission:

  • Give your research paper a clear vision. Good journal and scholarly article generally get straight to the point and remain there with a unique logical flow.
  • Writing an excellent abstract help, you gain the first impression from the readers for your work. Make sure there are no unnecessary elements included in that section. Even one single inappropriate statement has strength to change the whole meaning of the content.
  • Be clear and robust in your claims and original in your approach, but don’t overfeed the information what your article provides that will spoil the importance of your findings.
  • Get many people to read your abstract and provide feedback before you submit your paper to a journal.


It needs a selection of an appropriate journal suitable for the study research you selected. Every journal has its Aims and Scope section, read it carefully before sending your document. If your goals of publishing the research are related to academic advancement, you can quickly evaluate the reputation by checking their papers and titles. Publishing the research paper in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential activity within the community. It allows new researchers to network with other experienced scholars, to get your name and increase the chances of publication and broader recognition.

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