Pain points in Writing Original Research Articles

October 11, 2022
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the medical sciences: Best practice methods for research synthesis
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in the Medical Sciences: Best Practice Methods for Research Synthesis
October 1, 2022
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October 15, 2022

In brief

Many authors and professors have the potential to produce a research paper, but they are incapable of doing so because of an absence of guidance and a lack of familiarity with the structure and writing process of an Original Research Article research paper. Therefore, I have discussed the many types of difficulties and their solutions in this research. I discuss several significant problems in this essay. In this study, the first item I address is the issue of choosing a research topic—precisely, what kind of topic may be chosen at the student level. And how do you decide on a topic? How should I write the introduction second? , same issues with the beginning. Thirdly, the framework of a research paper, followed by challenges with writing the literature review and principles for producing it.

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The last issue I address in this paper is the starting point of an original research manuscript writing because we are all familiar with the format of a research paper, which denotes that things come in position-wise in this paper. Authors frequently raise the question of how many words we can change to avoid plagiarism, another issue scholars face.

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The following is a list of the elements that will appear from beginning to end and their placements in a research paper:

1. Abstract

2. Keywords

3. Introduction

4. Literature Review

5. Methodology (Research questions or Hypothesis, Objective, Population, and Sampling)

6. Data analysis \ Data collection

7. Finding

8. Discussion and Conclusion

9. References

10. Appendix

11. Future Work

The primary structure of the study article is shown above. Although we can see that the Abstract is at the top, we never begin our study with it. We have a unique method for beginning research papers with a suitable beginning and conclusion; this is one of the main dealings in my research paper. According to (Med, 2011), the beginning portion of the original research review article should focus on key topics. Most novice writers are unclear about what belongs in the introduction section of their research papers.

Problems in Paraphrase

As they near completion, researchers should use their skills to look for new information, particularly in research writing (Colwell 2011). It is a tremendous challenge for writers who can craft a strong research article at the graduate level. This stage aims to help the writers build their conceptual research. Graduate-level students have several difficulties while writing original research papers, including issues with syntax, punctuation, data sources, and the appropriate amount of explanation.

Problems in choosing a topic and statement

There are specific key considerations that students should address while selecting a research subject.

  • The subject should be suitable for investigation.
  • A desire to select a topic.
  • Never select a topic under duress (Pressure)
  • Inadequate or unrelated references
  • The problem is not explicitly stated in the problem statement, and much labour is necessary to solve the problem.
  • They are not supported by current sources (a few older ones) or any scientific issue the present study may address.
  • The organization of the paragraphs does not accurately reflect the progression of concepts and the design of this important part.


  • Begin with generality and move toward specificity or from a broader context to a more specific one.
  • Cite enough up-to-date sources to address the issue and adequately build a solid scholarly case.
  • When required, give a few instances to illustrate the issue clearly.
  • Draw attention to any issues or gaps in the evaluated material.
  • For instance, the gap may result from flaws or insufficient theoretical or methodological research in earlier studies.


In order to prevent novice researchers from giving up hope that they would never be able to publish a paper, researchers should not only highlight research issue areas but also offer solutions. Enhancing this kind of academic work is the responsibility of the researcher. Although some authors are quite clever, they lack direction. They are capable of writing scientific original research articles, writing this kind of academic work, but lack of direction prevents them from doing it. Our experienced medical writers help to write scientific papers /articles that are publishable in peer-reviewed journals. At Pubrica, we provide end-to-end support from topic selection or research area identification to writing to statistical analyses and publication support.

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