Case Studies in medical education: a platform for training medical students, scientific writing and critical thinking

October 26, 2020
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October 22, 2020
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October 29, 2020

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  • From providing a strong foundation for manuscripts to supporting many educational students research, scientific research writing case report helps to elaborate the narration about a therapeutic problem for one or more patients in the medical field.
  • These case reports serve as the outline of the evidence for new interferences for an issue existing with previous therapy and also plays a vital role in producing evidence-based treatments.
  • Pubrica gives you tips for the medical practitioners and professionals about the concepts and importance of case report in a research paper writing service.


Case reports aim to give descriptive data about a clinical patient situation and to share an educational experience with medical and scientific groups. Case reports provide anacademic medium in circulating new diseases, thus increasing the knowledge of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. This blog outlines the need forregular case reports that are not only valuable to the general medical students but are also an essential part of medical education students. This blog also inspires medical trainers and students, residents, of all disciplines for writing case reports with the help of scientific Medical Writing Companies.

Importance of case presentation from grand rounds to journals

Medical Writing in Clinical Research for Case presentation is always an essential key for medical education and patient’s care that has to present more challengesto medical cases to an audience of medical studentsand attending physicians. Grand rounds are ancient in medicine that often, patients with severe disorders that are rare, difficult to give treatment, or difficult to diagnose are there in grand rounds. They act as a teaching tool for increasing medical knowledge and also to improve medical care. While participating in these rounds, medical students enhance critical thinking skills and grasp new information to avoid potential errors.

Case reports are an efficient tool for medical students to recognize clinical doubts get in their daily clinical practice in hospitals. Students are then allowed to draftanswers to many questions with the available adequate literature studies. During the search, students can critically appraise the medical literature and choose the specific literature for supporting the case.

While writing a case report or case series, students will perform,

  • Students will gain experience in literature search and medical writing.
  • Students perform the steps of evidence-based medicine,
  • Providing the best evidence scientific research paper writing
  • Critical appraisal for the evidence,
  • Application of the evidence.

From analyzing a patient’s medical data to performing a physical test to considering various diagnoses, selecting a therapeutic plan, and determining multiple side effects and outcomes of therapeutics, case report write-ups serve an educational significance to medical students and fellows.

Case presentations are available in textbooks, conferences, daily team rounds, or grand rounds in the departments. Case presentations are an excellent source for sharing educational events. Some of the essentialacademictargets that case reports introduce is

  • Creating awareness of rare disorders to provide diagnosis,
  • Clarifying new doubts of a condition,
  • Clarifying doubtful treatment response
  • Describing to avoid future mistakes
  • To improve medical writing for clinical trials.

Academic career preparation

Additionally, writing a case report will be an excellent preparation or exercise in a medical student’s profession, often preparing one for scientific research. Students can easily add the publications to their resume for fellowship applications and research proposals. They help to present some of the cases at national, international and regional medical conferences, supporting them to meet peers and staffs in the area of their study, to enhance their networking skills.

Evidence-based, innovative treatment

Case reports writing of the medical students can help to the first line of evidence for developing new therapeutics. A case, a woman with a long-standing past of psoriasis,gets treatment with infliximab, a tumour necrosis alpha-antibodies. Just after two weeks, the infusion of infliximab for her psoriasis shows significant improvement. This case report creates a new era of treatment for psoriasis. Many studies are still going about this event in medical Writing for Clinical research

Source of detecting adverse effects of treatment

These case reports may act as a source for detecting adverse effects, many times leading to the removal of certain drugs from thepharmamarket and supports research paper writing help. In the example of psoriasis, the process of psoriasis exacerbation with the application of interferon-alpha says a case report. There are several examples of severe adverse effects of drugs that get detection after the drugs should getapproval by the USFDA (Food and Drug Administration). Further, the case reports help to analyze the side effects due to interaction in drugs, as well as adverseof the medications given to renal failure patients.

The first report about a condition

When experiencing a rare pathology in the skincare clinic, the frequent procedures is to search for identical cases in any of the search engineson the internet. A vigorous literature search itself can be a useful task for a medical student.

Case report guidelines

A group of researchers publishes a set of systematic reporting guidelines to guide authors and students in writing case reports for research purposes. They come up with achecklist that gives a framework to satisfy the need for precision, completeness, and transparency for publishing case reports. By implementing their guidelines, students can write case reports with high reporting standards, and focus on individual patient care.


The challenging and diverse studies of medicine, many medical students will come across a puzzling patient case. A case report offers, medical students will know to perform a literature study, communicate with physicians in charge with the care of the patient’s health, structure a journal or manuscript, gain right name from the patient, collect data from different sources in the hospitals, clinical medicine research. Pubrica gives you vast information about the case report writing.


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