Protein engineering

Protein engineering

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Protein engineering is the method of producing valuable proteins or unnatural polypeptides through modification of natural amino acid sequences. The structure and function of the synthetic protein can be designed in a computer using advanced technology and further produced in the laboratory setup. In general, protein engineering deals with the modification of protein sequence to attain targeted result like specificity and stability at different solvents and pH. Protein engineering is one of the exciting developments in molecular biology as it can design and build a different set of protein and therapeutic enzymes with multiple and novel functions. Further using recombinant DNA technology, it is now possible to alter the amino acid sequence of a protein to fuse various proteins, i.e. Hybrid protein or through substitution, deletion, or insertion of amino acid residues. So, research has shown how to experimentally design and construct protein with the desired function. And it is to be informed that the development of protein engineering has gained enormous attention to bring various approaches and strategies for future technology. Protein engineering has basic strategies like rational protein design and directed evolution. Though the methods are not exclusive but often used by the researchers. In the future, protein engineering and research professionals may have the ability and knowledge of every protein structure and function for the advancement of high-throughput screening. By using different methods, unnatural amino acids can be included in expanding genetic code which encoding new amino acids.

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