Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear engineering is the study of nuclear and radiation process, and it is the field of engineering that deals with the physical science. Nuclear and radiation science is the process of atomic release, control and production of radioactive materials to be used as nuclear energy. By this process, nuclear power will be released, and the application of nuclear engineering includes medicinal research, national security, industrial research, etc. Nuclear science is the fundamental principle of physics and mathematics as it describes the transportation of neutron and gamma rays as well as nuclear interaction. To understand the principle behind nuclear physics, it is to be noted that the knowledge on heat transfer, fluid flow, chemical reaction and radioactive material behaviour is mandatory. Therefore, nuclear engineering is a multidiscipline structure relying on physics, mathematics, chemistry, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, bioengineering, nuclear physics, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, material science, etc. The nuclear engineers will be equipped in conducting nuclear medicine research, applied research, development, fabrication and operation, construction, etc. Nuclear engineering will be handled in a different position for various functions, while architectural engineers handle safety analysis of the nuclear reactor, quality assurance, quality control. Medicinal researchers support nuclear engineers in conducting medical research to carry out different diagnostic and therapeutic radiation treatments.

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