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Machine Learning

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Machine learning is a technique used for data analysis which regulates analytical method through automation. It is a branch of artificial intelligence, and the system can learn through data, identify patterns and make recommendations. Machine learning has to gain attention and become one of the mainstays of information technology over the past few decades. Machine learning works with a flow of preparing data, training an algorithm, generating machine learning model and refining predictions. There are several types of machine learning techniques which include supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, reinforcement machine learning, deep learning and cloud machine learning. These techniques work on the basic principles of classification (dividing objects into classes), regression (discovering relationships between variables), and clustering (grouping objects by similar characteristics). In recent times, data scientists have started working with different professionals, from developers to marketing specialist, to develop the technology innovatively. Few examples include natural language processing, cyber security, predictive analytics, image recognition & computer vision, marketing and chatbots.

Machine learning has been a part of a wide range of industries and the future of machine learning and deep learning will be utilized to collect data, gain insight and drive innovation. Every new technological outbreak comes along with the challenges to be answered for better predictions or outcomes.

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