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Food Science

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Food science is the study of understanding the reactions of food ingredients undergo during food processing, and the chemistry of food components include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Food science is an interdisciplinary field of research which include food processing, biochemistry, nutrition, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, microbiology and engineering. Such combinations work well in solving real problems associated with the food system. Food science has the understanding of how to various methods in process development and preserving the food product, which includes freezing, drying, canning, pasteurizing, irradiating, extrusion, etc. They also study the food constituents in identifying statistical quality control methods. Food science is a growing field as it provides the food and beverages industry with a final preparation procedure which makes the product competitive to the current market trends through more refined, sophisticated and convenient products. Without understanding the complexity of the food product preparation and the ingredient processing chemistry, it is hard to fulfil the market demand to prepare standard new food and beverage product, convenience food and technological challenges associated during preparation. The recent trends on ready-to-eat food products have a greater responsibility to process the food in terms of safety, quality and nutritional elements. Thus to ensure the quality, new technologies have been utilized by the food manufacturers as it requires knowledge from food science. Such new food technologies are incorporated by the food and beverages industries to design novel methods to produce food product, shelf-life studies, sensory evaluation of products, microbiological testing and chemical testing.

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