Food Processing

Food Processing

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Food processing is a variety of operations through which raw food products are made consumable, cooking and storage. It includes the necessary preparation of food, alteration of the product into another form, preservation and packing. The processing of food includes cleaning the item, peeling, size grading, drying, cutting, grinding, freezing, filtration, evaporation, emulsion formation, baking, roasting, toasting, grilling, sterilization, canning, etc. Food development requires innovation in producing a new product to the market includes concentrated juice, instant foods, and freeze-dried pizza, etc. Food products and food-oriented supplements have also been processed mainly protein-rich soybeans, cottonseeds, green leaves, grasses, aquatic plants, and highly nutritious fish. Food processing technology requires a wide range of knowledge in chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and physical properties of food and every processing techniques includes cooking or smoking, fermentation and drying. There are a couple of new technologies have been refined from irrigation, extrusion and freeze-drying which have generated new products and thus ensures food safety and standard quality. Food processing has specific government regulations that need to assure food safety and labelling requirements. The benefits of food processing in the context of human health including the role of artificial colour, salt, sugar, and fats in processed foods are also determined by the officials to maintain the standard level and also to avoid the formation of disease conditions after the consumption of the food.

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