Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering

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Chemical engineering is the study of chemicals that uses principles of basic sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics to design effectively and transforms chemicals, materials, living organisms into useful products with the support from nanotechnology, biochemistry, life sciences, and biotechnology. The study of chemical engineering involves not only in research but also in fieldwork. Such work includes production plant design, safety and hazard assessment, process design and analysis, operational modelling, control engineering, construction specification like chemical reactor engineering and nuclear engineering, biological engineering, etc. It is an interdisciplinary engineering field in introducing the latest technology and influencing several areas of engineering. Thus, the engineers and professionals demonstrate design process, transform and transport futuristic developments from the laboratory scale to implementing the technology in the real-world situation. In recent times, chemical engineers are in high demand because of the market needs and the development of industries that ultimately depends on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and corresponding materials. Besides, chemical engineering also contributes to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental engineering and electronic device fabrication industries. With the unique training, chemical engineering research becomes more essential from chemical to the physical transformation of matters. Chemical engineering professionals involves in investigating the creation of new polymeric materials with electrical, mechanical and optical properties and help design polymeric drugs that uses microorganism and therapeutic enzymes for synthesis. Further, research involving environment that engages chemical engineers to develop catalytic converters to minimize the release of a harmful product to the environment.

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