Biostatistical Programming

Biostatistical Programming

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Biostatistics is the branch of statistics as it deals with the statistical data process related to the analysis of biological organisms. The science of biostatistics helps in designing biological experiments and interpreting the collected data to answers questions like the working nature of the new formulation, the cause of cancer and associated diseases, and the survival rate of a patient cause severe illness, etc. In general, biostatistics is the application of statistical principles which helps developing questions and identifying problems in biological fields such as medicine and public health. Biostatistics usually includes both descriptive and analytical domains. The analytical methods are mainly used for design and analysis of public health research. Finding the accurate mathematical hypotheses, biological models and the statistical test is essential for study design which is a mandatory prerequisite for quality study outcome. Early clinical trials are typical challenges for biostatistics in translational science, and the biomarker validation is an essential gatekeeper of translational success impossible without proper statistical procedures.

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