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Biophysics is the study of biological systems through physical phenomena, and it is an interdisciplinary field of science related to quantitative physics and system biology. Biophysics is one of the primary disciplines involved with the treatment of the principles and methodologies to the solution of biological problems. The emergence of biophysics has become more successful in unrevealing tools of the molecular structure includes deoxyribonucleic acid, fundamental hereditary, and structure of proteins. Biophysics, as well as molecular biology, are established as modern biology, and the light of physics concepts along with chemistry, physiology, biology and mathematics helps unified biological problems. The relation with chemistry is refereed through biochemistry and physiology through sensory and neurophysiology. The biophysicists are trained in the quantitative sciences and are capable in wide ranges of topics from nerve cells communication to changes in DNA that trigger tumor formation. The researchers work to overcome disease, design cutting edge technologies and find a solution to problems. The studies that have been done with the involvement of biophysics are data and structure analysis, computer modelling, molecules in motion, neuroscience, bioengineering, nanotechnologies, biomaterials, biomedical imaging, and in several therapies. Biophysics has provided an opportunity in understanding the biological mechanism and applying to design better biomaterials for prosthetic limbs and a drug delivery carrier. Biophysics development contributes to life-saving therapies includes radiation therapy, kidney dialysis, pacemakers, cardiac defibrillator and artificial heart valves, etc.

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