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Biomonitoring is the study and analysis of chemical compounds and their metabolism with the biological organisms or specimens. It is an analysis technique that can also be utilised in studying plants and animals, but the procedure is primarily associated with humans in identifying foreign compounds. Biomonitoring is widely used to monitor the presence of excessive toxins and also used during clinical trials and public health research to understand the exposed chemicals and their metabolic changes in the human body. Biomonitoring also includes breath analyser, urine analysis and lead or arsenic analysis. The detection of a chemical depends on the characteristics and metabolism of the human body, and there are many approaches available to measure the chemical compounds accurately. In specific, the excreted compound can be detected using biomonitoring techniques through analysing the body tissues. Over the last two decades, the development in the technology and instrumentation made every testing method more accurate and able to detect many numbers of chemical compounds at lower concentrations using non-invasive methods. With the help of different biomonitoring techniques, the excessive presence of organochlorine and polychlorinated biphenyls chemicals were detected. Besides, the government agencies infused specific restriction in using toxins and persistent chemicals. Likewise, there was much research going on in finding novel biomonitoring techniques at low cost, and such technologies need to be reported and exposed to the environment for future development and the betterment of human lives.

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