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An algorithm is a sequence of well-defined computer implementable instructions, and it is typically used to solve problems and to perform computations includes calculations, data processing, automated reasoning, etc. An algorithm is a well-expressed formal computer language used to perform several computer tasks, and it can be stated in numerous ways such as natural computer language, flowcharts, pseudocode, programming language, etc. The representation of algorithms can be a high-level description, implementation description, and formal description. Though the algorithm design was referred to a mathematical process for problem-solving, the design concept was from the theories of operational research like dynamic programming. The typical steps in the development of algorithm involve problem definition, development of a model, specification of the algorithm, designing an algorithm, analysis of the algorithm, implementation and program testing. Most algorithms are intended for computer programming, but there are several other algorithms such as biological neural networks for defining a set of procedures to confirm the correctness to a particular problem. An algorithm is mandatory to function any device, and the future technology belongs to the algorithm as it develops powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence. Algorithms are already the basis of automated learning technologies, “machine learning”, and thus it surprises us every day with new features.

On the other hand, medical algorithms usually aim for bio-informatics and medicinal decision making such as testing, diagnosis, prognosis and automation in medical equipment, etc. Concerning the artificial neural networks, computer algorithms are less involved in architecture, data structure and user interface. The intended purpose of the algorithm is used in the health care sector to improve decision making and standardise the delivery of healthcare. Thus the customised health diagnostics algorithm will provide timely support in clinical decision support, to improve evidence-based guidelines and a resource for research. Pubrica provides support in algorithm development for any complex tasks.

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