Our Guarantee

Pubrica team of experts has immense knowledge in the field of study and understand the importance of publications. The vast experience of our expert team helps us to satisfy the best customer services.

Our services are all supported by our quality guarantee:

English Editing

You receive the completed manuscript from Pubrica's editing services is covered by the Editing guarantee. We assure you that we will re-edit the work once again for free if you are unsatisfied with the manuscript. For standardized and advanced editing required for your paper cannot include in the guarantee. For that reason, attach the final draft of your work to us when you made the new order. Suppose you need to include content or any other substantial changes in the manuscript after the comments from our journal editors or quality checkers.

Premium and Publication Ready Editing

Our Premium and Publication, Ready Editing services furnish more reliable editing support framed for customers to achieve the great degree of assistance for the manuscript. The workflow continues to re-edit the document for free until it gets published in the journal. Please acknowledge that you need to be reworked. Make sure to append its comments to ensure more reliability in the document than the past work. The solution for the re-dit will be updated within one business day.


Every complete manuscript submitted for translation support service is legitimate to derive the Pubrica Editing Service. Translation features offer unlimited free re-editing of your English text. One more additional option for a free translation is available up to 1500 words. If you're unsatisfied with the translated manuscripts, the experts will notify you that you need to improve the quality of the manuscripts. The team will support you completely and re-edit the document before it gets published.

Manuscript Formatting

Every journal obey such guidelines and protocols for the manuscripts. The Pubrica expert team will support the specified format of your manuscript based on the guidelines. The team will also alert you if the manuscripts is in hunger for any new elements. If the editor insists on some changes in the format of your manuscript, our team will assist and help you reformat the manuscript. Quickly let us know if any issues existing the manuscript along with the comments.


The team will ensure that the formatted tables and figures you pursue will state the specified journal qualities. If the journal faces any challenges in formatting the tables and figures, our pubrica team will resolve the issues for free. Our Graphic service offers you innovative graphs, charts and tables from your mind. If the journal feels inconvenience in your charts, graphs and tables, acknowledge us with the document with comments and feedback. The team will assist you accordingly for further developments and modifications.