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Medical Animation

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Medical animation is sort of an educational video usually rendered using computer graphics. It is aimed for a full range application including cellular and molecular animation, pharmaceutical mechanism of action, surgical training and planning, patient education and electronic or interactive learning. In recent times, medical animation is most commonly used by medical providers and patients as an instructional tool. In olden days, there were certain limitations because of the lack of processing speed and storage; however, the technological development of microprocessor design and storage capability has led medical animation to be significantly utilized. Though it is a non-entertainment computer animation, it has been growing tremendously in explaining surgical procedures or pharmaceutical mechanisms through which medical animation revenues $15 billion per year globally (“Medical animation gaining importance”-Hindu Business Line). Medical animation breaks the barrier and needs for a physical educator as it teaches the practitioners as well the patients to be a more detailed knowledge of human anatomical procedures and concepts. This outbreaks through medical simulation and animation technology to possible improve the hand-eye skills for doctors who details with highly complicated surgical procedures like human organ transplantation. Using sectioned cadavers, medical animations can create virtual bodies which often accomplished using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), etc. to save money and time. Moreover, medical animation can recreate the human anatomical structure through scanned data, and it is often done while planning for major surgeries (“Patient-specific surgical simulation” – World journal of surgery).

Pubrica develops highly functional medical animation and surgical simulations to educate physicians, surgeons, and patients to adequately understand the functioning of the human system and the available treatment options. Pubrica has highly trained medical animation specialist and we creatively and innovatively design to help companies like surgical or medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries to market their product development worldwide. Pubrica team of scientific communication consist of talented animators, designers and developers who help our client in promoting their product through scientific animation, customized medical or product demonstration videos, medical simulations, etc. for marketing a new product. Pubrica has been part with bigger manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries to ensure the product and technology are promoted and educated in the finest possible medium. Our experts back us with their experience and that significantly helped our clients in different therapeutic areas such as Dermatology, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pharmacology and surgical planning.

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