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Pharmaceuticals is the study of chemical drugs and drug development as it includes drug discovery, metabolism, drug absorption study and much more. It is a multidisciplinary field which gets supported by pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, biomedical analysis, life sciences, nanotechnology and pharmacokinetics. Pharmaceuticals is a field of research in identifying therapeutic drugs for diseases, analytical techniques, quality assurance, drug and microorganisms’ interactions, etc. As it leads to a great career opportunity as a researcher in drug development, biotechnology, and in pharmaceutical industries as well. The pharmaceutical science incorporated a wide range of scientific areas that are essential for discoveries and development of novel therapeutic drugs. Pharmaceuticals science can be classified into different research areas which includes drug discovery and design, drug delivery, drug action, clinical science, drug analysis, experimental design, pharmacoeconomics.

Drug discovery and design deal with the synthesis of new drug molecules and it is specialized in medicinal chemistry, structural biology, identification of targets and assay development. Drug delivery system is the study and design of delivering drug and the recent development in this system ensures targeted delivery of a drug to the specific site of action. Drug delivery system provides the drug concentration, drug release profile and bioavailability of the carrier. Drug action is the study of molecular interaction of the drug with cells as it requires knowledge in molecular biology, toxicology and biochemistry. Clinical science helps in understanding the efficacy, adverse effects, drug-to-drug interaction, bioavailability, etc. and it a clinical trials study in human samples. Drug analysis involves the identification of chemical compounds and quantifying the compounds of every drug. Pharmaceuticals also engaged in studying the compliance and quality of life.

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